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Electric Vehicles

A close look at Tesla’s autonomous vehicle models

With its versatility and ability to operate at long ranges on battery alone, Tesla has struck a chord among the environmentally conscious and forward-minded alike. One of its most attractive features is its autopilot capabilities available on all models.

Consumer Tips

E-commerce explosion impacts 2020 car buying trends

Highlights from the 2020 report include upticks in electric vehicle (EV) adoption and growing demand for Teslas in particular. On average, Teslas sell just 37 days after acquisition—about half of the time of other vehicles in Carvana’s inventory.


Congrats to Carvana Carpool recipient Samantha Dunstan!

This past November, with a little help from Samantha’s family, friends, and coworkers, Carvana surprised Samantha by presenting her with a 2017 Toyota Camry with registration, taxes, and insurance already paid for.
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