Purchasing a car is complicated.  For a lot of people, just thinking about buying a new car conjures up memories of sitting at a dealership for hours on end, haggling with dubious car salesmen, spending hours of researching car histories and putting long forgotten math skills to the test to calculate the best possible finance rates and terms.  Your typical car buying experience will take, on average, 24 hours from start to finish and will likely cause several headaches along the way.  Do I need an extended warranty?  What is a documentation fee? Did I get a fair trade-in price?  Is my interest rate an honest quote?  After going through this process many times ourselves, we thought, “Why does car buying have to be so complicated?”

Our answer: It doesn’t.  We’d like to introduce a completely new way of car buying –  We’re not a traditional dealership.  We are 100% online car buying, from click to delivery.  It’s 2013 after all and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to buy a car online with the same level of ease and security you expect from other online retailers.  Our mission is simple: We’re here to put you in control of the car buying process.

Rather than making you research car history reports independently, trying to hide vehicle flaws and cover up past damage, discloses all vehicle information up front.  Every car in the Carvana inventory is “Carvana Certifed” and comes with the peace of mind of a bumper-to-bumper “no nonsense” warranty, 7-day “no questions asked” money back guarantee, 150-point inspection, premium detail, free delivery, and Experian AutoCheck Vehicle history report.  Our vehicles are free of any reported accidents, and we also call out any imperfections, down to the smallest scratch, in our high definition 360 degree photo booth.

Instead of making you do the financial guess work, tacking on hidden or additional fees, or convincing you that you need price-inflated aftermarket products, Carvana gives you all the information you need up front and is honest about what you need.  And to infuse more transparency and control into the financing process, we developed interactive tools that let you choose the down payment, monthly payment, interest rate and term that best fits your life for every vehicle in our inventory.

From the beginning, our goal has been to provide consumers with a fresh, new alternative to the traditional car buying experience.  Officially launched in Atlanta in January 2013, we’d like to extend a formal hello from our team at Carvana, the future of the car buying industry.  Be sure to check back often to keep ‘Up to Speed’ on Carvana news, updates and announcements.