On January 3rd, 2014, Consumer Reports published the top seven New Year’s resolutions for the car industry and it came as no surprise that one of those was a “better buying experience.”

As I’ve seen cars get faster, safer, reliable, and more efficient, I find myself asking, What’s next to improve? In my mind, the retail experience still needs some work. I’ve purchased more 100 cars for the Consumer Reports auto-test program, and I’ve probably seen and heard all the nonsense that makes people think that they’d rather get a root canal or speak in front of 1,000 people than step one foot inside a car showroom… When you’re spending so much money, it really should be a satisfying, time-efficient experience, not one that is dreaded and leaves you with regrets.

– Mike Quincy, Consumer Reports

A satisfying, time-efficient experience, not one that is dreaded and leaves you with regrets? We definitely agree.

At Carvana, our goal is to revolutionize the used car industry and make the car buying process an easy, stress free, and transparent process. A process that can and has been accomplished in as little as 10 minutes.

In response to Consumer Report’s seven New Years Resolutions for the car industry, here are our seven resolutions:

1. What you see is what you get.

At Carvana we offer virtual tours of every car in our inventory through our patent-pending 360-degree photo technology. In each tour you will see a complete interior and exterior tour of the acutal car in inventory, highlighting all of the features, as well as the imperfections. Rarely will you see a dealership do that. If we see a minor scruff or ding, even if it’s associated with standard wear associated with normal vehicle usage, we’re going to tell you about it.

Carvana - Used Car Vehicle Tour - Imperfections

2. No more games.

Many times you’re required to physically come into the dealership in order to get the “off the lot” price for a car.

Carvana - Used Car Vehicle Costs - Total Price

Between dealer add-ons, such as corrosion protection, paint sealant, extended warranties, and VIN etching, fees, and other incurred costs that come with the purchase of a vehicle, it’s often difficult to know exactly how much your vehicle is going to cost you.

At Carvana, we think customers should know what they’re getting into before they even get their feet wet. We include all the taxes and registration fees that will be incurred upon purchase directly on our vehicle’s page and the Total Price is exactly what you can expect the “off the lot” price to be.

3. No more dealership fees.

When buying a car, you’re likely to stumble upon a fee that is always explained away with the waive of the hand, “Oh you know, it covers such and such costs.” It’s known by many names: dealership fee, processing fee, documentation fee, administration fee, electronic filing fee, etc.

Dealer Documentation fees cover dealer administrative costs involved with processing the title, registration, or any other paperwork, filing, or various clerical tasks. However, these fees are largely unregulated and can range as high as $998. Over $900 to file paperwork? We think not.

At Carvana, none of our vehicles incur a dealership fee, ever.

4. Clear and transparent financing options.

At Carvana, financing your vehicle is a simple and stress free process. We encourage customers to find the financing that is best for them, whether it is a cash purchase, third party financing, or financing through us. If a customer does decide to finance through us, we provide custom financing terms for every car in our inventory directly on our website. For each vehicle, you can adjust your down payment, monthly payment, and term– even taking into account your trade-in and possible warranty selections.

Carvana - Used Car Vehicle Financing - Dials

And if you didn’t think that was enough, once you create an account at Carvana.com, you can see your exact financing terms for any car in our inventory. There is no mysterious back room, no run-around, no four-square negotiations, and no “Let me talk to my manager.” Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

5. Enjoy a time-efficient experience.

Our President and Founder, Ernie Garcia, had the idea that there had to be another way to buy a car without a four-hour, exhaustive commitment to a dealership and with Carvana, he did just that. Customers can take as much or as little time as they want when going through the purchasing process.

Want to spend 2 hours every night, after the kids go to sleep, to ensure this is the exact car, financing, etc. that you want? No problem. Found the car you’ve been looking for and want it ASAP? No problem.

Carvana - Used Car Vehicle Delivery - Colin

At Carvana, our customers have the freedom and flexibility to buy a quality pre-owned car from the comfort of their own living room, during their free time. Never spend your Saturday in a dealership again!

6. Test drive on your turf.

We know you’re busy, so we come to you. At Carvana you can schedule a time and place that works for you, and a Carvana representative will bring you the car. When it shows up, take it for a spin on your turf and make sure it meets your expectations.

Carvana - Used Car Vehicle Delivery

Located near our Vending Machine in Atlanta, GA?  With around-the-clock pick up availability, vehicles are available for test drive and pick up as early as 24-hours.  And while company representatives are available on site to answer any questions that customers may have, the vending machine allows the opportunity for thorough inspections and test drives by the customer without the presence of a sales associate.

7. Zero regrets!

We understand that buying a car is an important life decision and we want to make that decision as easy as possible. Every vehicle in our inventory is Carvana Certified, which means you’ll see a lot of perks to cool off any post-purchase anxiety. What does it mean for our car to be Carvana Certified, you ask?

  • 100 Day Worry-Free Guarantee: This 100 day bumper-to-bumper guarantee covers everything on your vehicle except for aftermarket additions, physical damage, or any defects specifically annotated on your vehicle. No fine print included.
  • 7 Day “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee: Take that time and see if the car fits with your life. Get it checked out by a trusted mechanic. And once the week is up, if for any reason you don’t love it, we’ll come pick it up at a time and place you specify. No cost. No hassle. Bought a Mazda CX-5, but then realized you need the space of a CX-9? No problem! Return the car, get your money back, and find another.
  • Rigorous Vehicle Screening Process:  In addition to not selling cars that have been in a reported accident, have frame or structural damage, or possess any sign of collision or metal work, we also review the major mechanical systems and structural integrity of every vehicle before we purchase it.
  • 150-Point Inspection: We put each vehicle through a 150-point inspection so that you can be 100% confident in the quality and safety of your vehicle.
  • and much more!

Making New Year’s resolutions can feel pretty good and we have a feeling our resolutions will have you feeling pretty great about your new car! The best part? These are resolutions we’ll be keeping all year long.