ratingsWith good reason, car buyers are generally skeptical due a lack of transparency that has plagued the car industry for decades. Earning your trust is difficult, and it should be difficult. We can tell you until we’re blue in the logo that buying a car from Carvana is easier, faster, and less expensive than going to the dealership, but unless one of your friends or family has already bought a car from us, you’ll probably take our claims with a grain of salt.

For this reason, as much as possible, we let our customers do the talking for us. We know their word is more powerful than our own.

Our Worst Reviews
We’ll start with the most negative feedback we’ve received from customers. Thankfully, Carvana only has two reviews below 4 stars. A brief confession and summary of reparations follow.


Resolution #1: The customer was 100% right. The car arrived late and dirty and that is unacceptable. We worked very closely with the 3rd party transport company and made sure to provide the customer with daily delivery status updates. It was explained to the customer that for every day the unit was late, we would provide a credit of $50.00. The vehicle was 10 days late so we mailed the customer a check for $500. Because the vehicle arrived dirty, we offered to cover the cost of a full detail cleaning. 

Resolution #2: We spoke with the customer on the phone and learned that he had the vehicle inspected by his mechanic. In addition to the tires, he noted that the paint work was over-sprayed, but overall, the vehicle was sound. Carvana offered to cover his inspection cost, apologized for our choice of tires, and explained our reconditioning process that strives to make the units look like new. The customer said he’d been searching for a car for 3 months and although he wished the tires were better, he know he received a fair offer on his trade and was pleased overall.

Our Last 5 Reviews
Reading reviews from our customers is almost always the most rewarding part of our day. We’re trying to make car buying better and it’s great to hear we’re on the right track!


Video Review from Author/Blogger, Romily Bernard

Special thanks to Romily Bernard for this unsolicited video review. Romily is a young adult author with a great blog to boot.

And thank you to all of our generous and passionate customers for giving us a voice that really counts! Please keep the open and honest line of communication open.

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