Traditionally speaking, the process of finding out the true trade-in value of your vehicle has been an inexact one. Depending on where you visit and who you talk to, the offers you receive for your vehicle can be wide-ranging and seemingly arbitrary.

If you take your car to a dealership, what you gain in convenience in letting an associate take care of the transaction from start to finish, you lose in value when getting a quote on your trade-in, as dealers often times factor in mysterious costs associated with reconditioning your vehicle for resale. If you decide to sell your car yourself, while you may receive the best overall return on investment for your vehicle, the process of finding a private-party can be arduous and perhaps require more time than you’re willing to spend.

Of course, there is no shortage of online car valuation tools that exist to help you learn what your car is worth, however those tools are often aimed at driving you to a dealership, lack thorough mechanisms that accurately pinpoint your vehicle’s value or have asterisks or strings attached.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could go to one place where you could not only receive the most accurate (and personalized!) valuation for your vehicle, but also have the option to immediately trade-in your car without ever stepping foot inside a dealership or arranging an encounter with complete stranger? Furthermore, wouldn’t it also be great if this innovation didn’t play mark-up games with your vehicle’s trade-in value, and instead provided an untouched valuation that actually offered interest rate and sales tax savings?

Well wake up lil’ Suzy, because that dream is now officially a reality!

With the launch of Carvana’s Cardian Angel car valuation tool, you never have to wonder if you’re receiving a fair offer for your vehicle ever again.

Just visit or to provide us with detailed information and answer a few questions about your vehicle. Once you’re finished, submit your information to Sebastian – your Cardian Angel – and let him and our highly sophisticated Cardian Angel algorithms go to work to discover your car’s true worth. The end result is a truly innovative video that radically redefines the trade-in process by generating a value that is uniquely and totally tailored to you. During this cutting edge review, Sebastian will guide you through how your vehicle’s value was calculated, exploring and clearly explaining the reasons why your car is worth what it is. At the end, decide if you’d like to apply the value of your car towards a new Carvana purchase, sell your car to us and receive a check in the amount of your vehicle’s value, or simply walk away from the process with us equipped with a transparent and truly accurate valuation of your automobile.

By utilizing technology and partnering with established names in the automotive industry such as Experian and Kelley Blue Book, we were able to develop an intelligent resource that we believe will simultaneously streamline and shed the veil shrouding the process of trading in a car.