Having trouble finding the right car for you? Your plight is not uncommon. Seeking the perfect car can make one feel a little like Goldilocks taste-testing porridge – minus the mishap with the three bears. You want to find the car that’s just right, but having an availability of options is key to making the right choice. With Carvana On-Demand, you still get the same great Carvana experience but with a broader selection of vehicles that extends past our ever-expanding online inventory!

Have a question about Carvana On-Demand? Below is a list of frequently asked questions that may be helpful to you.

Q: What is Carvana On-Demand?

A: Carvana On-Demand is a feature that allows you to reserve upcoming inventory that has yet to be inspected or perfected. Simply put, it means that you have more cars to choose from! Once a vehicle passes our certification process, it is guaranteed to be accident-free, will have passed a 150-point inspection by one of our ASE Certified mechanics, and is backed by our 7-day Money Back Guarantee. If you find a car you like, all you have to do is reserve it and we’ll take care of the rest!

Q: Why should I choose an On-Demand car?

A: Even though we have thousands of vehicles in our inventory, we understand you still may not find ‘The One.’ With On-Demand, we allow you to select from an even wider range of vehicles so you can find the car that’s perfect for you.

Q: Is there any reason why an On-Demand vehicle might not be a good fit for me?

A: Our On-Demand vehicles are great for consumers who know exactly what they want, but we want to be honest about limitations. If you’re uncertain about the car you want, or still need to do some looking around, an On-Demand vehicle probably isn’t the best fit for you. Luckily, we have over 7,000 other vehicles available on Carvana.com that you can test-own before truly committing!

Q: Why can’t I see the VIN?

A: Since Carvana does not yet own the car, the VIN will not be available until you reserve the vehicle and Carvana purchases it.

Q: How come I don’t see any photos of the car? Is this car real?

A: Absolutely! The only difference is that the On-Demand vehicles have yet to go through our inspection and photographing process. Once your reservation is ready for its close up, we’ll send you an exclusive link to the car, where you’ll have 48 hours to confirm final details about your purchase.

Q: How do I know the car has the options and features described?

A: Your Carvana On-Demand vehicle is 100% guaranteed to have every option and feature described. We even went the extra mile to get the manufacturer’s original window sticker for the vehicle to ensure that your reservation is exactly as advertised!

Q: What if I don’t like the car?

A: The beauty about buying with Carvana is that regardless if you buy an On-Demand vehicle, or any other vehicle in our inventory, you have 7 days to drive the vehicle around and see if it fits your lifestyle. If it doesn’t (for any reason), just give us a call and we will pick up the vehicle from you within your 7-day Money Back Guarantee.

Q: Do I have to put down any money for the reservation? Can I cancel if I change my mind?

A: We do require a non-refundable fee for custom orders. Cancellations are allowed at any time, but the custom order fee is non-refundable.

Q: Why do I have to put down a deposit or custom order fee?

A: Since Carvana is buying this vehicle on your behalf, we do require a custom order fee.

Q: What happens when I reserve the car?

A: The car you reserved will be put in our priority queue. As the car makes it through our inspection and photographing process, you will be updated every step of the way. If you have a specific question about your car, don’t hesitate to call our Customer Advocate team at 1-800-333-4554.

Q: Where do these cars come from?

A: The vast majority of our On-Demand vehicles come directly from the manufacturer and are off-lease vehicles. Additionally, we also procure the best quality rental cars, fleet vehicles, as well as buy a subset from individuals who trade-in their vehicles.

Q: How do I know the car hasn’t been in an accident?

A: Carvana not only checks the vehicle history of every car on our site, we also conduct our own 150-point inspection, ensuring you have a vehicle that is accident-free. We also provide you with the CarFax and Autocheck report for the vehicle you’ve got your eye on.

Q: How long do I have to wait to get the car?

A: The wait to receive your car can range anywhere from one day to three weeks depending on the status of your vehicle, the type of work required on the car, as well as the number of vehicles ahead of your reservation in the priority queue. We try our best to provide accurate estimates on the vehicle details page, and we work very hard to meet those expectations.