In the market for an SUV or crossover, but hesitant because you want to avoid paying through the nose when you visit the gas pump?  If so, you’re not unlike hundreds of thousands of other Americans who are looking to find the sweet spot between room and economy.  The good news, however, is that with SUVs and crossover continuing to pace yearly automobile sales totals, and fuel economy remaining as a critical consideration when people go to buy a car, manufacturers have placed an increased emphasis on producing vehicles that are both comfortable and cost-effective.

So which SUVs and crossovers are among the best in fuel efficiency? Check out our list below!

 2013 Mazda CX-5

  • Despite being older than the proceeding 2014 and 2015 models, the 2013 Mazda CX-5 has everything you could want in those newer models, with a nominal exception when it comes to in power.
  • Three-wheel-drive manual transmission models get a class-leading 26 mpg for city driving and 35 mpg on the freeway. Automatics, while less economical by comparison, still average 25 mpg city and 32 mpg hwy.
  • In terms of cargo space, the CX-5 doesn’t offer class-leading capacity, but it isn’t far off. With 34.1 cubic feet available with all seats in place, the CX-5 could fit as many as eight bags of golf clubs!
  • With its fuel-efficient engine, engaging driving experience and daring styling, the 2013 Mazda CX-5 is a good pick for those seeking a sporty yet thrifty crossover SUV. (Edmunds)

 2015 BMW X1

  • For those favoring luxury and performance when seeking a fuel-efficient SUV or crossover, the X1 is your bag. However, 23 mpg city/34 mpg hwy is nothing to scoff at, as the X1 comes close to providing the fuel-efficiency of Mazda’s CX-5.
  • Nimble, “sport sedan-like” handling gives X1 owners the feeling of unparalleled freedom on the open road when stacked up against comparable makes and models.
  • With only 25 cubic feet of cargo space, the X1 is most ideal for small families who use the car for transporting kids around town and the occasional weekend road trip.
  • The 2015 BMW X1 has sharp handling and exciting performance, which is rare for a small crossover SUV. However, most other luxury crossovers are roomier and can offer more value for the money. (Edmunds)

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander

  • Known for its tremendous overall value, the Outlander provides quality fuel economy, averaging 25 mpg/city and 31 mpg/hwy.
  • Though the Outlander pales in overall performance compared to a competitor such as the X1, it maintains an attractive, high-quality interior that make it feel more luxurious than the modest retail price on
  • What it lacks in comparative cargo volume (only 10.3 cubic feet), the Outlander makes up for with a third-row of seating; an ideal match for large families constantly on the go.
  • While it doesn’t stand out in a crowd of very competitive rivals, value and reliability is the name of the game when it comes to the Outlander. (Edmunds)

2013 Ford Escape

  • It may reside on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to fuel economy (22 mpg city/30 mpg hwy), but the 2013 Ford Escape delivers top-level performance. (Received a 4.2 consumer rating out of 5, according to Edmunds.)
  • With prices ranging between $16,000-$19,000 on, the Escape is on par with the Mitsubishi Outlander when it comes to comfort and a feeling of luxury.
  • If you’re looking for the perfect choice when it comes to those long, family road trips, the Escape is a great investment. With plenty of legroom, headroom and storage space (34.3 cubic feet, 67.8 cubic feet including seat area), the Escape stands out amongst competitors in its class.
  • The 2013 Ford Escape is a winner in the segment of small crossover utility vehicles thanks to athletic driving dynamics, an inviting cabin and plenty of useful high-tech features. (Edmunds)

2013 Lexus RX 450h

  • Similar to the 2015 BMW X1, the 2013 Lexus RX 450h is a dynamite buy for the person looking to mesh top-flight luxury and performance with fuel economy. It’s 32 mpg city/28 mpg hwy make it a particularly attractive option for urban dwellers.
  • The RX 450h resides on the spendier end of the spectrum for its class.
  • You want space? You got it! With enough cubic feet of cargo room to store 10 bags of golf clubs, the RX 450h is without equal amongst this group of options.
  • Though expensive compared to the non-hybrid RX, the 2013 Lexus RX 450h delivers on its promise with an impressive blend of fuel economy, utility, power and luxury. (Edmunds)