It appears not even the most hardened car salespeople are resistant to a better way to buy a car.  In this special edition of the Carvana Chronicles, we introduce to you Willie from Charlotte, a used car salesman who has spent the last 14 years selling people on the traditional way to buy a car.  Considering Carvana’s mission to make sweeping changes to the car buying status quo, our encounter with Willie would seem highly unlikely based purely on matters of occupation.  But things aren’t always what they seem.  Despite the apparent conflict of interest, Willie is a Carvana customer who not only purchased a vehicle from, but even went as far as having the vehicle delivered to the car lot where he works!  It was a story that begged to be told and one that provides revealing perspective on the difference between the old way to buy a car and Carvana.  We hope you enjoy!

How did you discover Carvana?

Well I had first seen your commercials and I never really paid it any attention, and then my nephew purchased a car from you guys.  He said it was no hassle, they didn’t ask you a bunch of questions and you didn’t have to go into a dealership.  And I was like, “Who is this?!”  Being in the automobile industry, [Carvana’s car buying process] stuck out like a sore thumb, so I said, “Well, I’m gonna try ‘em” because I was in the market for trying to purchase another car anyway.  So I gave you guys a call and went online and it was all gravy for me.

As an active participant in the traditional car buying process, what convinced you that Carvana was a better way to car?

It’s the fact that, when I get a customer on the lot, I have to meet and greet and sit down and hear the story, learn the story, get the customer, learn the customer…but what you guys do is totally different.  For me, it was just a phone call that didn’t take a lot of time.  All the time was on me, as the customer, to get everything moving forward.  That was a big, BIG difference.  Besides that, even though I sell cars and have been selling cars for the last 14 years, it’s hard for finance companies to sell to a car salesman believe it or not.  With what you guys do, it was hands down, no questions asked.  I did everything the Customer Advocate told me to do, and you guys did everything you guys said you were going to do, so it was totally different for me.

Was it truly an improvement in your eyes, or did it simply feel like just another way to complete the purchase of a vehicle?

I think after my purchase was complete, one of your Customer Advocates emailed me asking about my experience.  Like I told them, it’s going to really suck to be a car salesman if they don’t get on board with you guys.  This is something new, and fresh, and I was going to call to see if you guys had any job openings so I could work for you.  Trust me, Carvana is a thing…you guys will go down in history for changing the way people purchase vehicles and receive their vehicles.  I give you guys two thumbs up and I love my vehicle and I love the process that I went through.  It was a very, very simple process.

Prior to buying with Carvana, how have you purchased vehicles in the past?

I don’t even want to talk about that!  When dealing with you guys, and trust me now because I’m being totally honest, my boss wasn’t too cool with it.  He was like, “C’mon, man!”  I had to explain to him that if the financing company that we (the dealership) use is not selling to me, then I have to go somewhere that’s selling to me and I have to purchase from where they’re not hassling me.  And he said, “Well, that’s understandable.”  Like I said, years ago when I was purchasing cars, you come in, sit down, walk the lot and everything like that, and now it’s just a click away.  That’s a convenience for me – that’s very convenient for me – because I work from sun up to sun down.

Why have the vehicle delivered to the dealership where you work?

That was just my way of telling them that, when you won’t, there’s always somebody that will.  Being one of your customers now, it makes you feel great to see the vehicle come on the back of a clean truck.  Your truck is clean, your delivery people are nice and neat, and just to see them come and bring it to you, it just overwhelms you.

Did you have any apprehensions about purchasing a car online?

Well just with the security alone of the 7-day test drive, it will sort of free you up.  It will sort of free your mind of worry about any potential issues that the vehicle might have.  With that 7-day test drive, trust me, it gives you more of a sense of relief because if you’re two to three days into driving your new car and it’s not right, then you don’t have to worry.  It’s been a rewarding experience.

After going through the purchase process with Carvana, have your opinions changed on the traditional car buying process?

Oh, no doubt.  Even my coworkers have told me that they think they’re going to try Carvana out.  I’m the youngest son of seven kids, and my brothers and sisters are saying, “I think I’m going to go [the Carvana] route, too.”  And I told them, if it worked for me, it should work for you!