Whether you’ve experienced it or not, you likely know or have heard of someone who has had a nightmare experience at your traditional brick-and-mortar dealership.  Between the mark-up games, dealer double talk and dastardly back room deals, people for decades have hardened themselves on the idea of making trip to the dealership to buy a car.  In fact, the process of buying a car is more often compared to visiting the doctor or doing your taxes, as confusion and anxiety rule your emotions opposed to the excitement and satisfaction you should feel by finding the car that’s right for you.

When did this become the norm? And moreover, why have we accepted this as the status quo?

What you are about to read are real-life examples of the real-life frustrations that all too often accompany a trip to the dealership.  The object of this piece is to demonstrate that while you may have had a similar experience to the proceeding individuals, you are not beholden to these experiences, and that a better way to buy a car does, in fact, exist.

Testimony from “Mels” at insidecarsecrets.com

“Several years ago I was thinking of trading my ‘99 Eclipse in for a new one. I went to the car dealer and it was absolutely horrible … Needless to say I did not get what I wanted, but I got about every car buyer’s nightmare. I had the salesman, his Sales Manager and the Finance Manager all pressuring me. I was insulted, ridiculed, and told that I had to help them. I was told that I was living in a fantasy world if I thought that I could get what I wanted from them.”

What Mels describes is more or less a tried and true formula when it comes to the typical negative experience folks have when visiting their local dealership.  There’s the undue influence, the air of condescension, and ultimately, the bitter conclusion that leaves you feeling unsatisfied. With Carvana, there’s no such thing as a “salesman,” “sales manager,” or “finance manager,” and the word “pressure” isn’t a part of our lexicon – you are truly the director of your own car buying experience.  Make your way through the purchase process online from the comfort of your own home and at your pace, minus the pressure of a gaggle of dealership associates breathing down your neck.

Testimony from “Scott” at scottmckelvey.com

“So we were working with this woman who swooped down on us when we got to the dealership. Fine. When she brought back the first price quote, it showed the price of the car, ‘plus tax, tags and fees.’ These extra costs were not itemized … Did the monthly payment include all of these mysterious fees? When we asked the sales rep, she said she didn’t know … So she went back to get an answer from another manager. This took 10 minutes. She ended up going back to speak with her manager again. Another 10 minutes … Finally, the manager came down from his lofty perch. The sales manager asked where the monthly payment needed to be to strike a deal and we told him … Here’s how the next exchange went:

Sales manager: Can you meet me halfway?

Scott: No.

Sales manager: Can you come up at all?

Scott: No.

Sales manager: We have a lease deal on the same car that would lower…

Scott: No.

Sales manager: Would you be interested in another model?

Scott: No.

Sales manager: Let me see what I can do.”

Talk about a stalemate! Scott would later reveal that the dealer was unwilling to meet his price and that he and his wife got up and left without saying a word. Where else is it acceptable for an interaction like this to take place between a buyer and a seller, particularly when you’re the one forking over thousands of dollars to an individual that’s vying for your business? By utilizing the easy to use financing dials on Carvana.com, we empower you to determine the terms and rates that are most suitable for you. Once you’ve locked in your terms, you can sign your contracts and arrange pick-up or delivery from your couch, saving you time and rescuing you from unnecessary grief.

Testimony from “Delores K.” at insidecarsecrets.com

“In February 2007, I bought a new 2006 Dodge Magnum from a Dodge dealer in Jacksonville, FL. A red light on the dash (airbags) was on when they gave it to me. Certain features were not working (flashers, load control, rear wipers). I took it to a local dealer in Merritt Island. They refused to fix it under warranty stating it had been in an accident. An independent body shop confirmed: front and side right bumper has been repaired and repainted, airbags have been deployed and replaced, hood has been removed and is out of alignment.

Both [the selling dealer] and Dodge Corporate claim no record of any damage to this new car anywhere along the way from manufacturing to sale. All 3 entities keep referring me to the other…Now, both dealers want to fix it, but I WANT IT REPLACED. I have spent countless hours on this and have had to get a rental. Now, I am working with the Attorney General’s Office in Tallahassee and the Department of Motor Vehicles is investigating.”

This is about as bad as it gets. After spending hard earned money on a vehicle she was told was brand new, it turns out the vehicle Delores purchased was sold under false pretenses. What’s worse is that she was given the run around and forced to involve local authorities when she attempted to seek a replacement for her purchase.

At Carvana, you never have to wonder whether the vehicle you’re purchasing has ever been in an accident.  That’s because we guarantee that each and every one of the over 4,000 vehicles in our ever-expanding online inventory is accident-free. Furthermore, all of our certified pre-owned vehicles undergo a 150-point inspection, enabling you to be 100% confident in their quality and safety. From there, we also offer you the peace of mind that comes with our 100-day/4,189-mile Worry Free Guarantee and 7-day return policy that allows you to test-own your new purchase for 7 days (and even get it inspected by a mechanic of your choice). If at any point during the 7-day test-own you decide the car isn’t right for you, there’s no obligation. Simply get in touch with us and we’ll come retrieve the vehicle with a full refund of your purchase and help you find a different car that suits your needs.

At the end of the day, you’ve worked too hard and are spending too much money to be frustrated with your car buying experience. When you consider the energy expended and the anguish endured with the purchase of other big ticket items, none are set against such an appalling backdrop of negativity and outward disdain that accompanies the process of buying a car the old way. Thankfully, with Carvana, an alternative to the car buying status quo exists. With Carvana’s proprietary technology, you have the ability to lock-in your financing terms, sign contracts, schedule delivery, and even inspect all of the features and imperfections (if there are any) present on your prospective purchase with our 360-degree photo technology from the comfort of your own home. Complete the entire purchase process online and never visit a dealership again. This is a better way to buy a car. This is Carvana.