Minivans are objects of desire for a very particular cross-section of the car buying public. It’s often large families who are in the market for this particular vehicle type, as minivans are typically the most effective means of transportation when it comes to things like hauling kids to and from practices, picking up groceries, and setting out on long road trips. Minivans with high marks for fuel efficiency have even greater value for these families, as multiple trips to the fuel pump is the last thing you need when you’ve got a growing family to support. For those searching for the most fuel-efficient minivans, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve compiled our list below of the top five most fuel-efficient used minivans on the market!

2015 Toyota Sienna

  • Averaging 21 mpg combined (18 city/25 highway), the Sienna resides near the middle of the pack in its class when it comes to fuel economy.
  • Though the Sienna’s fuel efficiency may be par for the course when stacked against other vehicles in its class, it may provide the most for consumers in terms of the quality of interior materials (plush leather seating, simulated wood cabin accents) and spaciousness (available room for up to eight passengers).
  • Despite its spacious interior, the second-row seating in the Sienna can be difficult to remove. Additionally, the Sienna – much like the Honda Odyssey – sits on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of price.
  • Says Edmunds: “Roomy, comfortable and offered in several different trim levels, the Toyota Sienna minivan is an excellent choice for families. And the changes for 2015 have made it even better.”

2014 Chrysler Town and Country

  • Like the Sienna, the 2014 edition of Chrysler’s Town and Country offers somewhat pedestrian fuel economy compared to its rivals; legging out an EPA-estimated 20 mpg combined (17 city/25 highway).
  • Regardless of the model you choose, each Town and Country model is well equipped and offer comfortable seating for its passengers. Perhaps one of the strongest selling points on the Town and Country is the “Stow ‘n Go” functionality of the second-row seats, which fold flat into the floor with the pull of a lever.
  • A lack of overall ride quality and cramped seating for the driver are two of the most notable drawbacks to the Town and Country. In particular, the confined positioning of the driver’s seat can make the Town and Country can make longer road trips feel like even more of a grind for taller individuals behind the wheel.
  • Says Kelley Blue Book: “If you want the ability to easily load and carry a family and their gear without sacrificing your or the kids’ desire for creature comforts, all should find something to like in the 2014 Town & Country minivan.”

2014 Honda Odyssey

  • The 2014 edition of the Odyssey comes with a 3.5-liter V6 engine that churns out 248 horsepower and 250 pound-feet-of-torque. Though perhaps not on the level of the Mazda 5, the Odyssey still exhibits very good fuel economy (22 mpg combined, 19 city/28 highway).
  • With steering qualities that rate among the quickest and most responsive in this class, the behind-the-wheel experience in the Odyssey takes a back seat to no other minivan.
  • While regarded as one of the top overall options in its segment, the Odyssey is pricier compared to the majority of its competitors.
  • Says Motor Trend: “The 2014 Honda Odyssey received an extensive mid-cycle refresh, which includes safety technology upgrades (Lane Watch, Lane departure warning, forward crash warning), revised exterior and interior styling and a host of new features including a one-touch turn signal, Bluetooth connectivity with SMS text messaging function, and expanded driver’s mirror.”

2015 Dodge Grand Caravan

  • Checking in with an EPA-estimated 20 mpg combined (17 city/25 highway), the Dodge Grand Caravan is average for its class in terms of fuel economy.
  • Much like the Town and Country, the Grand Caravan offers “Stow ‘n Go” seating that speaks to the interior versatility of the vehicle. By dropping all the rear seats (second and third row included), the Grand Caravan offers an astounding 143.8 cubic feet of cargo space.
  • The unrefined powertrain in the Dodge Grand Caravan can make the automatic shifting feel a little herky jerky and the lack of driver’s seat legroom can leave one feeling restricted during long periods of time behind the wheel.
  • Says Edmunds: “The 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan is priced right and chock full of handy features, but its lack of refinement keeps it a notch below the Japanese-brand competition in the minivan segment.”

2015 Mazda 5

  • Powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, the Mazda 5 boasts quality fuel-efficiency when compared to other vehicles in its class. With an estimated EPA-estimated 24 mpg combined (21 city/28 highway), the Mazda 5 is a fine choice for the thrifty family looking to save at the pump.
  • Though regarded as smaller when measured against other minivans of today, the Mazda 5 exhibits impressive interior versatility. The second-row captain’s chairs are comfortable and the third row can be easily accessed thanks to wide sliding door openings.
  • Despite its intriguing offerings for fuel efficiency and interior versatility, the Mazda 5 didn’t rate particularly well in safety tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).
  • Says Edmunds: “The sporty 2015 Mazda 5 is a good option for small families who don’t need all the space and amenities of a full-size minivan but still want three rows of seating.”