There’s no question that a catchy turn of phrase or some snazzy graphic designing can do wonders when it comes to grabbing someone’s attention, but without substance and tangible testimony, creative copy and fancy photos can fall short of telling a story about a product that actually makes a difference. Carvana Chronicles is our way of telling our story through the lens of those we proudly serve by taking a deeper dive into the purchase experiences of real-life Carvana customers. Today, we spotlight the experience of Chance from Magnolia, Texas, who purchased his 2015 Jeep Cherokee from Carvana in July of 2016.

How did you discover Carvana?

The week before I had bought a car on Carvana, I bought my son his first car. I did the traditional thing – took him to the dealership, went through all that crap – and it took eight hours. It was insanity. It was a $15,000 car, it should’ve been so easy. We had picked it out online, went there, they had it pulled up, and it was an eight-hour experience. It was absolutely awful. I gave myself four hours off and thought that was fine, but now after eight hours, my whole day is cashed. I was talking to my wife about how crazy it was and she said one of her girlfriends had told her that they had used Carvana. It sounded fun and awesome and really cool, and we decided that next time we get a car, we’ll try that. I’m all about trying newer companies and I was excited about trying something new. Fast forward and my wife’s car died again and I was like, “We’re not getting it fixed ever again, we’re going to do Carvana.” We basically knew what we wanted, even knew the color…and I’m like screw it, let’s do it! Her car broke on July 4, so I went to my office, logged on my computer, created a Carvana account, put the car in that I wanted and I found the vehicle I wanted with right amount of mileage and all that. I bought it, I went through your financing – it was the easiest thing in the world – and I believe it was seven minutes from the time I sat down in my desk to when I’m walking back to the house and I say to my wife, “I bought a car.” She was like, “I didn’t even know you went out yet,” and I said, “No baby, it’s done.” It was freakin’ awesome…When I went out to buy the car, it wasn’t like “I’m going to try and do this super fast.” It was just that freakin’ easy to do.

Prior to buying with Carvana, how have you or people you know purchased vehicles in the past?

I’ve bought them from dealerships and private sellers, but the most recent one was six days before my Carvana purchase for my son from the dealership. I bought new at the dealership years ago…but I’ve bought from individuals, I bought a Craigslist Jeep, it’s run the whole gamut. And I’m not a car guy really. I drive a 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe and I can’t wait for it to die because I’m going to use Carvana again.

Did you have any apprehensions about purchasing a car online?

I had no apprehension, and I think the reason why will be kind of boring, but the fact that you guys advertise and the fact that you’ve got reviews out there helped me say, “Okay, there’s no way a company with this type of marketing initiative is going to be full of s**t.” I basically felt like other people have ironed the bugs out already, and Carvana is up and running and it’ll work, so I didn’t have any apprehension about that. Also, the search experience was so quick and easy…I can’t believe I felt this, but it was so simple that I felt it couldn’t be wrong. That’s what went through my head, so I didn’t have any apprehension about kicking the tires. I did trust what I read and said, “Hey, if it’s not what it says it is, then you can turn it back in.” When the car arrived, it was precisely what it was online. The guy who delivered it was super cool.

Was there one moment in particular that stood out and convinced you that Carvana was a better way to buy car?

There was two. One, was whenever the website told me I was finished with my purchase; when I realized there was nothing else and I had e-signed everything and thought, “This is it?” I had this sense of relief that I had needed to get a car, and I had just had a bad experience at the dealership and never wanted to live that again, and all at once it was like, “I’m. Done. And it’s going to be here in two days.” It was just absolute relief. The second one was getting a text from the driver of the hauler saying, “Hey, we’re five minutes out!” I mean shoot, two days earlier I had just placed my order! I went outside and I saw the presentation of when the car was delivered and I felt like I made a good decision. It was slick, it was cool, it was simple. The guy backed the car off the hauler and it was my wife’s car, so I went out to take the delivery and texted my wife who was in the house. I told her, “Hey, I want you to test drive your car before the guy leaves,” and she just sent me question marks because she didn’t realize it was coming two days later. She thought it was coming in a week or so and she was just blown away.

Did you ever encounter any issues during the purchase process, including pick-up of your vehicle at the Atlanta Vending Machine?

I’m a bad one for that question. There was nothing wrong with my experience. It was perfect.

For you personally, what’s the biggest difference between shopping with Carvana opposed to visiting your standard dealership?

I liked the empowerment and the privacy. I liked being able to make my own decisions and not try and have somebody convince me of something. I’m just seeing cars that are being presented by a company I’ve chosen to trust and I felt empowered. You feel helpless at the dealership. You’re the one giving them money, and universally, everyone has a bad experience. Getting a car is supposed to be exciting. Everyone remembers their first car – a used piece of garbage or whatever – but it was exciting for you. It’s supposed to feel that way and it’s like you guys brought that back.

After going through the purchase process with Carvana, have your opinions changed on the traditional car buying process?

There’s no question. I’m never going to a dealership again. I’m never stepping foot inside a dealership. I’m not doing it. Kicking the tires is over…everything about doing it through you guys was literally perfect.