If you’ve never experienced the simplicity and convenience of buying a car online with Carvana, it’s understandable that the notion can come with some trepidation.

But is it more unnerving than having a guy who calls himself “Crazy Hubb” try and sell you a vehicle?


For the past several decades, the process of buying a car has consisted of going to the dealership, finding a car you like, kicking the tires, and then maybe taking said car for a 15-minute test drive. Despite this process taking up multiple hours of your day and generally sapping you of your life force, it’s what generations of people have grown accustomed to – for better or worse.

However, this reality has also meant that hours and hours of wacky car dealership commercials have been filmed on behalf of keeping this outdated system of car buying both top of mind for consumers, and thriving for dealers. Below we’ve included some of our favorite crazy car dealership commercials courtesy of YouTube, and wonder aloud if these agents of the traditional way to car buy are inspiring confidence in your car buying experience, or are simply full of beans like our friend “Crazy Hubb” and a result of what many have begrudgingly come to accept as the car buying status quo.