Before we get started, take a moment to think about the last vacation you took. Think about everything that went into it – the purchase of your airfare, the booking of lodging, the mapping out of your days, the consideration of how much money to bring with you for food, shopping, sightseeing, etc. As you harken back to this preparation stage, do you find that the more planning you did, the less anxious you were about making sure you had your T’s crossed and your I’s dotted prior to your departure?

When it comes to buying a car, the step-by-step process of preparing for your purchase is no different than planning for that vacation. You don’t simply just focus on the sticker price of the vehicle you’re considering buying, but you take into account what you’ll be spending in fees, financing, warranties, and more. Of course, similar to your vacation, going a little over your pre-determined budget can happen. However, unlike your vacation (hopefully), the splurging that occurs at your traditional dealership when you go to buy a car can be unnecessary and unwittingly imposed on you as you make your purchase.

With Carvana, we’ve cut out the pain, agony, and shot to your wallet by making it incredibly easy to execute the grand car buying plan that you’ve devised. Thanks to proprietary technology, we’re innovating the automotive retail space by making each step in your car buying quest transparent and simple to complete.

After starting your search and finding the year, make, and model that captures your imagination, take a 360-degree tour of the car – inside and out – on its vehicle details page. By giving you the ability to examine the vehicle you’ve selected from all angles, you can carefully inspect the car from the comfort of your couch, as we highlight any notable imperfections that appear on the vehicle’s interior or exterior.

Once you’re satisfied with your selection, make the decision to pay for the vehicle using cash, or finance it through Carvana or a third party of your choice. If you make the choice to finance, use our soft pull credit feature that allows you to conduct a personal credit check that doesn’t impact your credit score. When the credit check is complete, your newly personalized financing terms will be applied to the vehicle you’ve picked (or any other vehicle you choose from our inventory), enabling you to know exactly what you’ll be paying based on the terms you’ve selected. No back room negotiations. No hidden fees. No surprises.

Have a vehicle you’d like to trade-in with your purchase? We’ve got you covered! By utilizing our Cardian Angel vehicle valuation tool, you never have to wonder if you’re receiving a fair offer for your vehicle ever again. Simply visit or and enter in detailed information about your vehicle. From there, Sebastian – our Cardian Angel – will render a vehicle value that is completely unique and tailored to you in two minutes, guiding you through a video that clearly explains how your figure was calculated. At the end, decide if you want to apply the value of your car towards a Carvana purchase, sell your car to us outright, or simply walk away with your newfound and accurate value.

Finally, after you’ve settled on your vehicle and how you plan on going about paying for your purchase, choose whether to have your next car delivered to your home, or decide to pick up from one of our state-of-the-art Car Vending Machines. For those that opt for home delivery, Carvana offers free delivery to individuals living within 100 miles of our market location. For those that choose the experience of visiting our Car Vending Machine but live far away from one of our Vending Machine locations, we offer our Fly and Drive program which gives you $200 towards a flight, with pick-up courtesy of Carvana at the airport to take you to the Vending Machine to get your car.

By revolutionizing the car buying process by making each step remarkably simple and stress-free, confusion and lack of preparedness is officially for the birds. Now, if only we could simplify the process of vacation planning…