It’s no secret that, historically speaking, the process of buying a car has been filled with frustration. Deciding which car to buy is hard enough. Add in the contentious negotiation and the murky financing discussion, and you’re talking major unnecessary headaches.

Today’s buyers want to know they’re doing business with someone they can trust – someone who has their best interests at heart. 

At Carvana, we recognized this lack of trust as perhaps the greatest issue with the traditional car buying process. Somehow, the fun of buying a car got lost in the shuffle. The customer’s needs were forgotten and we decided to change that. Since day one we’ve done everything we can to make sure customers feel empowered and informed when they purchase a vehicle.

We start with the experience the customer deserves, and work backwards to design a process that supports that experience.

Carvana is not alone in this “customer-first” approach. Over the years, credit unions have earned a reputation for being customer-friendly and transparent, providing tools that support members in making sound financial decisions for themselves and their families. These virtues align seamlessly with Carvana’s core values, and we love working together to facilitate great member experiences.

We share the goal of empowering customers to make well-informed decisions on their own terms.

Members can count on receiving the same fairness, transparency, and service from Carvana that they’ve come to expect from their credit unions. We provide convenient access to high quality, competitively priced vehicles and help customers through the transaction with support that’s informative, not pushy.

We allow customers to decide what financing option is best for them.

We respect the relationship our customers have with their financial institutions, so we’ve built a process that makes it easy to leverage those relationships when buying with Carvana. If you choose to finance with your credit union, you can do so knowing we partner in making the experience seamless. All you have to do is have fun; leave the logistics to us! At the end of the day, our vision is to provide a seamless, empowered car shopping experience to all customers, and that means helping customers finance with the provider of their choice.