The Live Music Capital of the World is now officially home to the nation’s newest sensation.

After launching the world’s tallest fully-automated, coin-operated Car Vending Machine in Houston this past December, Carvana is proud to officially unveil the latest addition to our star-studded family of Car Vending Machines sweeping the country. Earning the distinction of being our very first Car Vending Machine to launch in 2017, our brand new Austin Car Vending Machine joins Houston to make Texas the very first state to claim two Carvana Car Vending Machines.

Carvana customers will be treated to the same sleek, state-of-the-art design and functionality that was established as the status quo by our Nashville Car Vending Machine in 2015. Like Nashville, our Austin Car Vending Machine similarly stands five stories tall, is complete with three delivery bays, and allows customers to watch the entire vehicle retrieval process as it happens. To pick-up a purchased vehicle at the Austin Car Vending Machine, the customer enters their name and drops a coin into the Car Vending Machine’s Control Panel, which then lights up and initiates the vending process. The Vending Machine then retrieves the car from the Tower and places it on a track, which then moves the car through the machine until it reaches and enters the designated Delivery Bay. The Bay then opens and the customer is invited in, to take possession.

When visitors arrive at our Austin location to pick up their newly purchased vehicles, they will find a fresh Carvana-branded cityscape design inside the delivery bays. The design appearing on the back doors of the delivery bays will feature imagery that is unique to Austin and that is accompanied by a warm greeting that we hope leaves our customers feeling welcomed and appreciated. Additionally, to commemorate the entirety of the experience, Carvana implemented proprietary technology that captures the customer’s visit to the Austin Car Vending Machine in a dynamic video that is sharable for the customer on any social media platform. Before your trip to Austin comes to a close, our goal is to make the moment at our Car Vending Machine a microcosm of your overall purchase experience with us – excellent.

We’re thrilled to make Austin the newest home to our growing line of signature Car Vending Machines, and we cannot wait to see it serve Carvana customers for generations to come!

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