On March 21, Carvana formally announced our partnership with Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU), Texas’ second-largest credit union. Now RBFCU’s nearly 700,000 members can apply their low-rate credit union financing to Carvana’s expansive inventory of high-quality, pre-owned vehicles, and buy online without ever leaving the comfort of home. We have great respect for organizations like RBFCU that put their members first, and we are delighted to work more closely with the credit union and its membership going forward.

In celebration of our partnership and our mutual commitment to the communities we serve, Carvana and RBFCU are also partnering in local philanthropy.

On March 21, Carvana and RBFCU team members joined forces in Austin to donate a 2015 Nissan Frontier from Carvana’s inventory to the Austin-based organization, Mobile Loaves & Fishes. Mobile Loaves & Fishes will use this truck to carry out its daily mission of delivering food, clothing, hygiene products, and other life-sustaining items to Austin’s homeless and working poor.

On April 12, Carvana and RBFCU took our charitable efforts to San Antonio, where we partnered in donating a second Carvana vehicle to Meals on Wheels San Antonio. Meals on Wheels San Antonio will use the newly donated 2016 Nissan Frontier to ensure that homebound seniors in San Antonio are well fed with hand-delivered, nutritious meals.

We are proud to serve and support the communities that have helped us grow. Whether it’s volunteering at local shelters, donating supplies to schools, helping build a home for a family in need, or delivering meals to the hungry, Carvana employees are always looking for ways to give back. These “Random Acts of Carvana” – as we like to call them – were all the more meaningful alongside our new partner, RBFCU. We kicked off our partnership on a high note with these donations, and we can’t wait to see all that we’ll accomplish together.

For more information on RBFCU, visit: https://www.rbfcu.org/

For more information on Mobile Loaves & Fishes, visit: http://mlf.org/

For more information on Meals on Wheels San Antonio, visit: http://www.christianseniorservices.org

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