On the prowl for a vehicle that can accommodate that tall frame? You’re in luck, because there are vehicles in every class can offer serious levels of comfort and space for you or the taller individuals in your family. Below we’ve compiled our list of the top vehicles that provide the most legroom in each class, plus their runner up. We’ll mainly look at front legroom, since the majority of our drives have one or two occupants.

Fun Size

Compact winner: Need a small car with a large interior? Compacts have come a long way since the days of the Pinto and Vega, and they no longer compromise on technology, fun, and comfort. The best example of these virtues is the Hyundai Veloster, a fun three-door coupe that provides an optional turbo engine and looks like nothing else on the road. Standard equipment includes a 7-inch touchscreen with backup camera. The driver and front passenger enjoy 43.9 inches of legroom, which is an inch and a half more than the Honda Civic. However, the rear seats aren’t as generous, offering 31.7 inches.

Runner up: If you love fun cars with legroom and want to share with your rear passengers, the Ford Focus delivers a a solid 43.1 inches up front, right behind the Veloster, but also provides a comfy 33.2 inches for rear legroom.

Mid-size Is The Right Size

Mid-size winner: Way back in the day, the Hyundai Sonata was an awkward looking and cheaper alternative to the Honda Accord. Then something weird happened in 2005 with the fifth generation model, as it turned into an attractive quality car with impeccable safety ratings. Since then, the Sonata has been the value leader of the mid-size segment. This applies to its legroom, too. The sixth generation Hyundai Sonata, spanning 2010 to 2014, offered 45.5 inches of front leg room, the same as the larger and more expensive Hyundai Azera. The seventh generation has been on sale since 2015, and offers newer technology, plus the same amount of legroom.

Runner up: More of a tie than a runner up, the Kia Cadenza delivers the same interior room as the Sonata. This is because the Cadenza and Sonata share the same chassis, making them the same car under exterior body work. Look to the Kia if you want a sportier appearance.

Large & In Charge

Full-size winner: Here’s a surprise. You might think of something comfy and well-known like the Toyota Avalon as being a possible winner in this category, and Toyota’s largest car has a reasonable 42.1 inches of legroom up front. Not bad, right? But the Kia K900 delivers 45.9 inches for front occupants. That’s an awesome deal, especially when you consider the K900 has options the Avalon doesn’t, like a 5.0L V8 that churns out 420 horsepower.

Runner up: The gorgeous tenth generation Chevrolet Impala is a heck of a value new, and even better used. The large Chevy offers an impressive 45.8 inches of legroom, making it one of the better cars for taller drivers.

Ready For Anything

Crossover/SUV winner: Just as some SUVs and crossovers rock at off-road adventures, and others don’t, some of these people haulers offer excellent accommodations when it comes to space, while others are smaller inside. The Toyota Highlander shares its chassis with the Camry sedan, so its road manners are like a family car rather than a traditional SUV off-roader like the old Ford Bronco. On the plus side, it has a five-star crash rating from the NHTSA, and delivers 44.2 inches of legroom for the driver.

Runner up: Barely losing out to the Highlander, the Kia Sorento has 44.1 inches. Don’t let that tenth of an inch deter you, as the Sorento has lots of cargo room and neat features for the price.

Keep On Truckin’

Truck winner: For trucks, buyers tend to look at cargo payload or towing capacities before making a purchase. That’s great, but remember that you will be spending most of your time inside the cabin of your work truck. The Chevrolet Silverado and its twin the GMC Sierra are the undisputed leaders in legroom with 45.2 inches up front. That’s more than four inches over a Ram 1500, so it pays to look around.

Runner up: Ford may be the sales leader in trucks, but the Ford F-150 takes a back seat to GM in legroom. The F-150’s 43.9 inches of legroom is still roomy, so feel free to check out the blue oval if you need a truck with that can accommodate a larger frame.

[All figures from manufacturer websites or iseecars.com]

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