Carvana Chronicles is our way of telling our story through the lens of those we proudly serve by taking a deeper dive into the purchase experiences of real-life Carvana customers. Today, we spotlight the experience of Janie from Baytown, Texas, who purchased a 2013 Acura TSX in June of 2016, while her daughter bought a 2014 Chevrolet Cruze right around the same time.

How did you and your family first discover Carvana?

The commercials! *laughter* “It didn’t suck, it didn’t suck!” It was that, plus the fact my husband hates dealerships, which made Carvana a very attractive option for us.

How would you characterize your experience at your traditional dealership?

I would say at the dealership, the experience is very time consuming – especially with the haggling back and forth. It’s just a hassle.

Prior to purchasing a vehicle with Carvana, how have you or people you know purchased vehicles in the past?

Some of the purchases we’ve made have been through dealerships, and we’ve also purchased a vehicle – our green truck – from eBay.

What was it about Carvana that made you feel like your purchase experience was going to be different compared to what you’d been exposed to previously?

Honestly, everything about it. It was fun to sit in front of the computer and look at cars, and save them to our favorites, and compare prices…I mean, we were able to make the purchase from our living room! It was just a really cool experience.

Did you have any apprehensions about buying a car online?

No. I loved the 360-degree photography that pointed out any little dents or dings or scrapes. Knowing and seeing those types of things before I went to buy relieved any apprehensions I had. I had no apprehensions at all.

Was there one moment in particular that stood out and convinced you that Carvana was a better way to buy a car?

It was really the variety of Carvana’s cars. I was really looking for low-mileage vehicles; that was a big deal for me. And then also the prices. I would say that prices that I saw on Carvana compared favorably, if not better, than any other prices I had seen elsewhere.

Did you ever encounter any issues during the purchase process?

We had both cars delivered to us. The Vending Machine is pretty cool. I just saw that the other day in Houston. But no, we had not one single problem with our purchase.

For you personally, what’s the biggest difference between shopping with Carvana opposed to visiting your standard dealership?

I would say customer service. With Carvana, you had a person that you could speak with on an online chat and then, after you went through the purchase process, you had somebody call us and talk us through what was going to happen. The people who delivered the car were really nice and helpful, too. It was just a friendly and personable experience. It was really a fun way to buy a car.

After going through the purchase process with Carvana, have your opinions changed on the traditional car buying process? Would you ever consider going back to a dealership?

Never! Never. If I could buy another car now, I would. I’m waiting for our truck to fall apart, and when it does, take a guess where we’re going…I’m a great spokesperson for you guys. I tell everyone, “!” I’m really excited about everything Carvana offers. It’s the only way to go.

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