At Carvana, our mission is to provide our customers with tools that simplify, empower, and add fun to the process of buying a car, including financing. At a traditional dealership, the F&I office is known for being opaque, confusing, and stressful.  In contrast, Carvana’s financing options are designed with convenience, transparency, and flexibility for car buyers in mind.

We offer our customers the option to choose what’s right for them. Whether it’s financing with Carvana, paying in cash, or financing through another lender, we’ve gone the extra mile to save customers time and eliminate hassle by making the process of financing a vehicle as simple as possible in all three cases.

Since 2013, Carvana has worked with a wide variety of lenders, from national banks to regional credit unions, like Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union in Texas and FAIRWINDS Credit Union in Florida.

As of this month, we’re thrilled to announce that Carvana customers can now use Bank of America for their auto loan financing. We are delighted that Carvana customers now have even more flexible and comprehensive financing options when seeking a new way to buy a car.

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