North Carolina’s capital city now boasts a new landmark that’s making its own bit of history. Carvana’s newest fully-automated, coin-operated state-of-the-art Car Vending Machine has arrived in Raleigh, making it the first of its kind in the Tarheel State!

After launching our previous Car Vending Machine in April with the opening of our Frisco location just outside of Dallas, Carvana proudly introduces its newest Car Vending Machine located in Raleigh, which will serve as our sixth Car Vending Machine to date – joining Nashville, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and Dallas.

Carvana customers will be treated to the same unique, state-of-the-art design and functionality that was established as our new standard beginning with the launch of our Nashville Car Vending Machine in November of 2015. Like our Car Vending Machines in Nashville and Austin, the new Raleigh Car Vending Machine also stands five stories tall and is complete with three delivery bays. For individuals looking to experience a day at the Car Vending Machine, the pick-up process is simple and straightforward. To pick-up a purchased vehicle at the Raleigh Vending Machine, the customer enters their name and drops a coin into the Car Vending Machine’s Control Panel, which then lights up and initiates the vending process. From here, the Vending Machine retrieves the car from the Tower and places it on a track, which then moves the car through the machine until it reaches the designated delivery bay. The bay then opens and the customer is welcomed in before beginning their 7-day test-own period.

Before your trip to Raleigh comes to a close, our number one goal is to make your moment at our Car Vending Machine an unforgettable and excellent experience.

We’re very excited to make Raleigh the newest home to our growing line of signature Car Vending Machines, and we cannot wait to see it serve Carvana customers for years to come!

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