Just because you’re investing in a used car does not mean you can’t expect the best when it comes to safety features. This is especially true if you’re going to be driving your family in your used vehicle. Let’s take a look at four “must-have” safety features you should look for while you’re shopping for a used car.

Auto Emergency Braking

Auto emergency braking (AEB) helps drivers use the maximum braking capacity of the car when necessary. It automatically stops the car if no manual response is taken by the driver. AEB can detect pedestrians, obstacles when the car is operating at a low speed, and obstacles when the vehicle is moving at a high speed.

Blind-spot Monitoring

Some cars now come with blind-spot monitoring. This feature senses other vehicles in the driver’s blind spot, and it sends out a warning as needed. Depending on the car, there may also be a camera that shows the obstacle in the blind spot. This can be an especially helpful feature for drivers when they are attempting to change lanes in heavy traffic.

Adaptive Cruise Control

If a used car has adaptive cruise control, drivers will be able to maintain the distance between the vehicle and other cars on the road. Adaptive cruise control can also be useful when highway traffic slows and the car needs to adjust according to the vehicle volume.

Automatic High Beams

This feature ensures that the vehicle is always providing the right amount of light by turning on its high beams in extremely dark conditions. Because it’s automatic, drivers no longer have to worry about switching on (and off) their high beams in order to avoid obstacles in dimly lit environments.

Whether you’re traveling with little ones in the car or you simply want more safety on the road, today’s vehicles come with several modern features. Look for these options as you prepare to invest in a used car for future travel.

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