If you’re ready for a snowboarding or skiing adventure, make sure you’re taking along a vehicle that can handle rougher roadways and carry all your winter necessities. A number of vehicles are well-suited for winter road trips and fun outdoors. From hybrids and SUVs to wagons and pickup trucks, here are some of the best vehicles to take to the slopes this winter:

Nissan Armada

Boasting strong V8 performance and a spacious interior, the Nissan Armada provides good traction control on slippery roadways and a complete towing package if you need to tow along extra gear. It’s a five-speed automatic SUV designed with 18-inch alloy wheels and an eight-speed audio system so you can cruise around this winter listening to your favorite music with ease.

Chevrolet Volt

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly vehicle that offers plenty of space for your long winter road trips, try this high performance plug-in hybrid. It’s earned high Edmunds Consumer Ratings for comfort and reliability and can run for approximately 38 miles just on battery power. The four-door hatchback has parking sensors and a backup camera for some extra safety.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

If you’re looking for a solid off-road vehicle that can handle bad weather and snow-covered roads or trails, this midsize luxury SUV provides plenty of cargo space and easy handling during inclement weather. The SUV boasts a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and has plenty of extra space in the first and second rows, along with a third-row folding seat.

Acura RDX

When you’re planning a longer road trip around hilly and mountainous areas for your winter retreat, consider this luxury crossover SUV. It’s earned high Edmunds Consumer Ratings for performance, comfort, and reliability, so you can enjoy some peace of mind that you’ll be driving a solid and sturdy vehicle. It’s a fuel-efficient vehicle that also offers a comfortable ride no matter where your winter excursions may take you.

Nissan Pathfinder

When your winter travels involve a large group, you’ll need a larger crossover SUV to handle all your cargo and passengers. This crossover SUV boasts a stylish interior and exterior, and an attractive cabin with modern features for extra comfort on those longer trips. You can count on a smooth and stable ride on even irregular roads, making this a great option for hilly regions.

Chrysler Town and Country

A minivan might be your best bet if you’re traveling with a large group and carrying lots of bags, snow gear, skis, snowboards, and other items. You can fold down the seats to make more space and even use the minivan as a small camper when you make a pit stop at recreation sites and parks along the way. The Chrysler Town and Country provides versatile seating and cargo configurations, so there’s plenty of room to stow away all your winter travel essentials.

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