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Five reasons to consider a keyless entry system

There’s a lot to consider when buying a new or new-to-you car. Year, make, model, and monthly payment are only the beginning. There’s also color, style, seating capacity, and added features. Some of those features are “must-haves,” while others are nice, but ones you can live without.

Leather seats, tinted windows, and keyless entry systems are just a few of the many added features that may be on your “must have” list. Of the add-ons listed above, a keyless entry system is one worth considering, according to Consumer Reports [1].

If you’re in the market for a new car, here are five reasons to look for one with a keyless entry system.

#1 – Security – Keyless entry systems provide added security because you can lock or unlock your car, trunk, and sometimes even your car’s engine with a key that can’t be copied. Unlike standard keys, which can be stolen, taken to the local hardware shop, and duplicated, keyless entry systems can’t be compromised in the same manner, which gives them a leg up on their less modern metal key cousins.

#2 – Convenience – Whether it’s winter or summer, keyless systems make loading or unloading groceries, passengers, and anything in between easier. They let you skip the hassle and get in your car (and on the road) faster and easier.

#3 – Automatic locking – Have you ever walked away from your vehicle without locking it? How much did you enjoy dragging your kids back through the parking lot to secure it? With a keyless system, you can lock your car from your living room or the lobby of your workplace, quickly and conveniently.

#4 – Safety – Keyless entry systems allow you to get into your car faster, which can be especially desirable when you’re alone in uncertain areas at night. Some even offer remote start, which adds another layer of safety.

#5 – Damage-resistant – No more worrying about scratching up the side of your car with your metal key in a hurry; keyless entry systems are damage-free.

What are the drawbacks?

As with anything, keyless systems have their downside. They are more expensive, so replacing them if you lose them will cost you a pretty penny. Additionally, they require batteries to operate, so you’ll have a small, added cost and inconvenience of needing to buy and have extra batteries on hand.

What cars offer keyless entry?

Plenty of cars on the market today offer keyless entry systems, including the following makes and models:

Narrow your search to the top makes and models that fit your needs and then add keyless entry to the list of features you want in the car you take home.

Finding the Car That’s Right For You

The important thing to remember as you hunt for your new car is to look around and shop smart. Don’t limit yourself to just your local dealers. Carvana [10] can simplify the entire process for you by enabling you to shop from the comfort of home or on the go without ever stepping foot inside a dealership. Extensive filters make exploring online inventory easy and assurances like a 7-day Money Back Guarantee and 100-day/4,189-mile Worry Free Guarantee help you feel confident about your purchase.

Before you hit the road in your new car, consider whether opening it remotely is important to you. If so, be sure to add it to your “must have” list.

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