When you’re shopping for a used car made in the last few years, you’ll notice some cars have a parking assist system, also known simply as park assist. Park assist makes it easier to parallel park or maneuver the car in tight spaces because the vehicle is designed with multiple sensors that alert you when you have turned too much. Many park assist vehicles are designed with a small rear view camera so you can see the space from a different view or a better angle for optimal steering. All have a screen that guides you through all the steps to park the car perfectly in position.

Park assist is a convenient feature to have in a used car and can make parking that much easier. Here are five of the top Carvana vehicles with park assist and other convenient features:

Chevy Volt

The Chevrolet Volt is designed with an auto parking-assist feature to help you parallel and perpendicular park with ease. This hybrid car was named the 2016 Green Car of the Year because of its location-based charging features and other advanced EV technologies. It’s a good match for any eco-conscious driver, and the park-assist feature can make your drives that much more enjoyable.

Ford Focus

When park assist is engaged in a Ford Focus, the system can help you find a suitable parking space and maneuver the car for you. You can take your hands off the wheel and only control the accelerator and brakes, making the entire parallel parking experience a hands-free one. The Focus is a compact car so it’s easier to maneuver overall.

Jeep Cherokee

One of the safety and security features of the newer Jeep Grand Cherokee is the ParkSense Front and Rear Park Assist System. This system includes sensors in the front and back bumper of the car to determine the distance near an object. If the system detects something, you’ll get a warning alert so you have time to move quickly. You’ll find this feature in all vehicles that have a Parallel and Perpendicular Park Assist Package.

Toyota Prius

Newer Toyota Prius models are built with an Intelligent Parking Assist feature that lets you center the vehicle in a parking spot with little effort. The vehicle is designed with a color screen that gives you step-by-step instructions on maneuvering your car based on your distance to other vehicles and objects. When activated, the sensors will measure the parking spot and also take over steering — another hands-off system you can put to good use. The system is built with an Intelligent Clearance Sonar device that measures the distance between your vehicle and other cars or barriers, and alerts you if you’re too close.

Land Rover Range Rover

When the Park Assist feature is activated in your Land Rover, the car will help you maneuver in and out of parallel and perpendicular parking spaces with ease. Newer Land Rovers are designed with an InControl Driver Assistance package to make urban parking easier than ever. The system uses sensors to detect spaces 20 percent or more greater than your vehicle and tells you to stop, let go of the steering wheel, and switch into reverse — all using the touchscreen. You’ll go hands-free until the car is in position.

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