Philly, it’s time to make like our founding fathers, and chart your own course to car buying freedom! Carvana proudly introduces its all-new Philadelphia Car Vending Machine – a magnificent nine-story structure that’s serving up car buying joy to more than 6 million residents living in the City of Brotherly Love.

Like many of the other Car Vending Machines that Carvana has launched in the past, customers can expect to see the same striking design and functionality that was established as the new blueprint beginning with the launch of our Nashville Car Vending Machine in November 2015. The new Philadelphia Car Vending Machine will be nine stories tall, is outfit with three delivery bays, and will feature a newly designed coin receptacle and customer waiting area.

To pick-up a purchased vehicle at the Philly Car Vending Machine, the customer simply drops their custom coin into the Car Vending Machine’s coin slot, which then illuminates the coin receptacle and activates the automated vehicle delivery system. With the customer looking on, the Car Vending Machine then retrieves the vehicle from the Tower and places it on a track, which then moves the car through the machine until it reaches its designated delivery bay. The bay then opens and the customer is invited in to take possession of their car, where they will have seven days to drive the car around town before ultimately deciding if the vehicle is right for them.

Following the launch of our Philly market in March 2017, the wait for Pennsylvania’s first Carvana Car Vending Machine is officially over, as Philadelphia now serves as our 14th Car Vending Machine location to date – joining Nashville, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Dallas, Raleigh, Jacksonville, Tampa, Charlotte, Washington, D.C., Orlando, Tempe, and Cleveland.

At the end of the day, our mission is to provide Carvana customers with a new way to buy a car that is as unique as it is simple. And with our growing number of Car Vending Machine locations, we believe we’re able to do just that, offering customers an improved car buying experience that runs in sharp contrast to the pitfalls associated with the traditional car buying process.

It goes without saying that we’re excited to make Philadelphia the newest home to our growing line of signature Car Vending Machines, and we cannot wait to see it serve Carvana customers for generations to come!