Most of the time you probably drive in your car alone or with a passenger or two. However, we all occasionally need to fit more people. Whether you’re a family considering having more children, or a single person with a great group of friends, having access to seven seats (or more!) gives you flexibility for getting where you need to go with a group.

While seven seats used to only be found in minivans or large SUVs, there are currently more options than ever for seven-seat vehicles. When you’re deciding which is right for you, think about your everyday use and when you’ll need all seven seats. If you’re planning to use them regularly, you might opt for a vehicle that has a full third-row, while drivers who only occasionally need seven seats can choose pop-up seats that offer plenty of space but fold away to increase cargo room when you have fewer passengers.

In the market for a bigger car? Here are the best seven-seat SUVs in Carvana’s inventory for a variety of buyers.

For The Family: The Chevy Traverse

The Traverse has a lot going for it, which is why it’s consistently ranked towards the top of the competitive midsize SUV category. The Traverse, which was fully redesigned in 2018, has seating for either seven or eight passengers. The option for captain’s chairs in the second row make reaching the back easy, so this is a great choice for families with kids who will be regularly traveling in the third row. The Traverse has tons of cargo space, but still handles like a car, making this an excellent SUV for buyers who need space but are reluctant to feel like they’re driving a truck. Best of all, it’s an affordable option.

For The Driver Who Needs Lots Of Space: The Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition is the top-rated large SUV, offering tons of space for people and cargo. The full third-row offers enough space that adults can ride comfortably, and depending on the specs, the Expedition can even fit eight passengers. However, its size isn’t the Expedition’s only draw. It’s also well-powered and stylish, making it a fun choice for drivers who want a taste of luxury. With four-wheel drive, the Expedition can go off-road no problem, getting you — and all your friends — where ever you need to be. However, you’ll pay a premium for all of these benefits.

For Those Who Like Luxury: The Buick Enclave

If you’re balking at the idea of a seven-seat SUV because you don’t want to feel like a soccer mom, let the Buick Enclave set your mind at ease. The Enclave provides an upscale option for a seven-seat SUV, with quality materials and plenty of cabin space, even in the third-row. The Enclave was completely redesigned in 2018, giving it a step-up in style. The Enclave is powerful, but as a quiet and smooth ride, making this a seven-passenger SUV that your friends won’t mind climbing in to.

For The Commuters: The GMC Acadia

Most seven-seat SUVs will leave you cringing at the gas pump. However, the Acadia is a good choice because of its above-average fuel economy: up to 21 MPG city and 26 MPG highway. The Acadia was redesigned in 2017, and the result was slightly less cargo space than previous models and a somewhat cramped third row (depending on the specs, some Acadias only have seating for six). However, for the buyer who will be driving lots of miles and only occasionally needs the extra space, the Acadia remains a great choice.

For the Budget-Conscious Shopper: The Kia Sorento

Until a few years ago, Kia fans had no option for a seven-seat SUV. However, the Sorento filled that gap by offering a third-row seat beginning in 2013. With the 2019 model, Kia will exclusively make the Sorento with seven seats, but if you’re buying used you’ll want to make sure you get the seven-seat, not five-seat, model. The Sorento is a top-rated mid-size SUV that is incredibly safe, has an all-wheel drive option, and comes with Kia’s stellar 10-year warranty. That, in addition to its low starting price, make it a great choice for budget-conscious shoppers. However, the Sorento is smaller than other seven-seat SUVs with less cargo space and legroom in the pop-up third row.

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