When you’re selecting a car, qualities like fuel efficiency, reliability, and style are all important. But in addition to those qualities, you want to purchase a car that you’ll be comfortable slipping into day after day. After all, the average American spends about an hour a day driving, which adds up quickly. If you’re spending a significant portion of your time behind the wheel, you want to be comfortable while you’re doing it.

Of course, what makes a comfortable car depends in part on how you’re using your vehicle. Luckily, Carvana’s inventory is full of comfortable SUVs that are perfect for a variety of drivers. Here’s how to pick the most comfortable SUV that is right for you.

For doing the school run: GMC Terrain. If you like the idea of a spacious cabin but don’t want to dive into a large SUV, the Terrain is a great option. It’s a compact SUV, but the interior feels large enough to easily accommodate five passengers. The Terrain’s interior was updated in 2016, giving recent models a modern, comfortable feel. In addition to creature comforts, the GMC has plenty of features that will set your mind at ease, like optional all-wheel drive, high reliability, and an affordable price point. Overall, it’s the perfect SUV for parents who are chauffeuring kids to various activities.

For the daily grind: Lexus RX. If you have to spend time commuting, you might as well do it in a luxurious vehicle. The Lexus RX has an extremely smooth ride so you won’t need to worry about spilling your coffee on the morning commute. Of course, the Lexus also has a beautiful interior, where you won’t mind spending time when the traffic is slow. The RX was redesigned in 2016, so even with a used model you’ll feel like you have an up-to-date vehicle.

For a family road trip: Chevrolet Tahoe. Road trips always seem like a good idea, invoking nostalgia and family bonding. Until, that is, everyone is crammed into one vehicle. The Tahoe is a perfect option for families who hit the road regularly and need plenty of space for everyone to spread out. With seating for 7 or 8 and plenty of cargo space, the Tahoe will fit all your loved ones and their gear. Despite its large size the Tahoe is one of the quietest SUVs, and the spacious cabin and option for captain’s seats in the center row practically guarantee comfort. The easy to use infotainment system is just the icing on the cake.

For Off-Road Adventures: Land Rover Range Rover. For decades, the Range Rover has been the SUV that explorers choose to get them through any terrain, from the uncharted jungle to snowy roads. Despite the fact that the Range Rover is known for being a workhorse, it’s also an extremely comfortable and luxurious SUV. There’s a reason that it’s the vehicle of choice for the royal family. If it’s comfortable enough for Queen Elizabeth, it should certainly do for your next off-road adventure.

The Jack of All Trades: Buick Enclave. The Enclave has lots of creature comforts: a quiet, spacious interior, smooth ride, and comfy seats. That makes it a great option for drivers who want a little bit of everything. The Buick is fuel-efficient enough to be used for daily commutes, while kids and teens will love the spacious rear seat and wireless hot spot. Plus, with seating for up to seven and plenty of cargo space, you’ll never need to leave anyone behind.

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