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If you’re in the market for a luxury SUV, BMW has an array of options for you. If you purchase a BMW SUV, you know that you’ll be get the quality build and performance that the brand is known for. Because BMWs have superior design and styling, even their smaller SUVs feel roomy and luxurious inside. Although you probably wouldn’t want to take your BMW SUV off-roading, standard all-wheel drive on most models means that you’ll have no problem navigating slick roads or a bit of mud. On the highway, the powerful engines inside BMW SUVs are tuned for performance, making them fun to drive. Below is a guide to help discover which BMW SUV is right for you:

– For Commuters, The BMW X1: The BMW X1 is a top-rated subcompact SUV. With seating for five (including a spacious back row and cargo space), it meets the needs of most drivers and is sporty and small enough to use as a daily commuter car. The X1 was completely redesigned for the 2016 model, so opt for that year or later to look up-to-date. As of 2017 all-wheel-drive is no longer standard on the X1, although it is an optional upgrade.

– For Weekend Warriors, The BMW X3: The BMX X3 is a compact SUV, slightly larger than the X1. The additional space makes this a great luxury SUV for families that will regularly be using the back seats, or weekend adventurers who need to pack lots of cargo. The X3 was fully redesigned in 2018, meaning that you may be able to snag a bargain price on earlier years. BMW added a rear-wheel drive option to the X3 for the 2019 model, but most X3s are all-wheel drive.

– For The Thrill Seeker, The BMW X4: The BMW X4 is a luxury SUV for people who don’t want to sacrifice performance. New to the line-up in 2015, the X4 has supercharged engines and agile handling that make it a thrill to drive. However, the small cabin means it is best suited for a driver who spends most of their time alone.

– For Families, The BMW X5: The X5 distinguishes itself because it has an optional third-row, allowing seating for up to seven people. However, the third-row seats are tiny, and most consumers would struggling to fit an adult (or a car seat) in them. This means the X5 is most practical for families who will have kids or teens in the third row. Drivers looking to limit their carbon footprint will appreciate that the X5 has a plug-in hybrid option. Still, the fact that the X5 is much more expensive than comparable mid-sized SUVs puts some buyers off.

– For Stylish Buyers, The BMW X6: If you’re looking to prioritize style over space, chose the BMW X6. Although it’s a midsized SUV, its sloping roof gives the X6 a sporty, sleek feel, even if it does cut into cabin space. The optional V8 gives the X6 acceleration and performance that thrill-seeking drivers will enjoy. The X6 has not been fully redesigned since 2015, and a new edition will likely be released in 2020.

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