If you’re like any drivers of a certain age, you might have memories of loading into the family station wagon for an outing. If you’re a bit younger, the idea of a station wagon probably seems retro and cool.

Whatever your association with this type of car, it is undeniable that wagons have come a long way since the 1970s. Today, wagons offer the space and accessible cargo hold of SUVs, while maintaining the fuel efficiency and handling of a sedan. In short, they offer the best of both worlds, while tapping into that retro mystique.

Ready to get behind the wheel of a wagon? Today there are plenty of wagon options that meet the need of a variety of drivers, from family friendly to city sleek. Here are five of the most popular wagons:

For City Drivers: Kia Soul. The Kia Soul is tiny but mighty. It’s a compact car that has a spacious cabin and cargo space, perfect for people who want to drive easily around the city while hauling everything they need. Deejays, personal trainers, and other professionals will love that the Soul can fit all their equipment, while practical-minded drivers will like the petite size and high fuel economy. The Soul also has great reliability and is a very affordable vehicle, making it a responsible choice for buyers.

For Weekend Warriors: Subaru Outback. The Outback comes with standard all-wheel drive and Subaru’s reputation for outstanding reliability. It’s a great wagon for active people who need to haul their bikes, skis or other gear over rugged terrain. The Outback is also extremely safe, with high crash test ratings and many standard safety features. That, plus the spacious interior, make the Subaru a favorite choice for parents of young kids and teens drivers alike.

For Big Families: Ford Flex. The Flex is downright cavernous inside. The generous seats even in the third row make it a great option for people who need a wagon capable of transporting the whole family or team, since seven adults can easily ride together. One small drawback is that the Flex’s engine doesn’t quite match its large size, so it sometimes feels underpowered. However, if you want space over speed this is the wagon for you.

For Commuters: Volvo V60. The V60 is a sleek and modern wagon perfect for people commuting to a job where appearances matter. The design and fuel efficiency make it perfect for getting to and from work in comfort and style, and drivers will enjoy Volvo’s up-scale finishes inside. Although it has a decent amount of room, it has less cargo space than other wagons and costs more to own and maintain. However, if you want a fashionable ride it’s a great option.

For Everyone: Volkswagen Golf SportWagen. The SportWagen has everything most drivers need: seating for five, plenty of space, optional all-wheel drive, and great handling. Plus, drivers who opt for the SportWagen choose the impeccable German engineering that Volkswagen is known for. Although the SportWagen is a practical and versatile wagon, it’s chic styling gives it widespread appeal for drivers who want style and reliability.

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