Once upon a time, trucks were reserved for farmers or people who worked in the trades. Pickups had a bench seat and little room for passengers. Today, however, more and more people are using trucks as family vehicles. In fact, about 18 percent of vehicles sold in the United States last year were pick-up trucks, and these vehicles are now used more as status symbols than work horses. That means that many buyers are looking for a truck that can fit the whole family.

In general, pickups come with three different cab options: a regular cab has two doors and one row of seats, so it usually fits 2-3 people. An extended cab pickup has a backseat, but smaller doors in the back, rather than a full second set of doors. Extended cabs offer seating for 5-6 people, but they’re going to be cramped in the back seat. Crew cabs (or full cabs) allow you to fit your entire crew comfortably. They have four full doors, seating for 5-6 and plenty of space in the rear seat.

With more families buying pickups, manufacturers are focusing on passenger space and comfort. Here are the pick-ups with the most passenger room.

The Ford 150 SuperCrew: The most popular vehicle in America also has more leg room than any other truck. With 43.6 inches in the back, the SuperCrew allows passengers in the backseat to stretch their legs nearly as much as the people riding in the front. The 150 SuperCrew also has two LATCH systems for car seat installation, and can comfortably fit three car seats across the back seat.

Ram Mega Cab: The rear legroom in the Mega Cab is ever so slightly less than in the 150, coming in at 43.3 inches. However, passengers riding in the backseat will love that the rear seats recline to 37 degrees, giving your passengers the chance to literally lay back and enjoy the ride. The Mega Cab is most common on larger Rams including the 2500 and 3500, so you’ll also have massive amounts of towing ability at your disposal.

Toyota Tundra Crewmax: Although the Toyota Tundra isn’t as big as the Ram or Ford, the Crewmax still offers 42.3 inches of space in the back seat. Still, your rear passengers are likely to have plenty of space. In addition, the Tundra is more reliable than the competition, which is part of the reason that it has standout resale value, even among pickups. Because the Tundra hasn’t been redesigned in years, it’s a good option for used car shoppers who want their choice to look modern.

Chevy Silverado Crew Cab: The Chevy Silverado is known for having expansive, comfortable seats, although rear passengers will only have 40.9 inches of leg room. Still, that’s more space than passengers will enjoy in all but the biggest cars and SUVs. In addition to a comfortable ride, the Silverado offers a variety of bed and powertrain options, as well as interior creature comforts like easy-to-use tech features. However, buyers should be aware that the Silverado was completely redesigned in 2019, so older models may look dated.

Nissan Titan Crew Cab: For drivers who want a smaller pickup but still need a spacious back seat, the Titan is perfect. With 38.5 inches of rear room you can easily fit the whole family, including rear-racing car seats. The Titan was completely redesigned in 2017, so now is a great time to purchase a used model that still looks fresh.

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