No one grows up dreaming of driving a minivan. But despite the fact that they’re not the sexiest vehicles, millions of people purchase minivans each year. Once you’ve been seduced by the spacious interior, easy driving, and excellent cargo room, you’ll be happy to give minivans a second look. And, as your friends who have taken the plunge will tell you, once you go minivan you never go back.

Among minivans, the Honda Odyssey stands out. Here are seven reasons you might want to select the Odyssey for your family’s next epic journey.

1. It has Honda’s reliability. Many drivers choose minivans for a specific chapter of life, one filled with kids, car seats, sports equipment, and other supplies that require lots of space. Hondas are known for their outstanding Japanese reliability, and the Odyssey is no exception. In fact, it’s so reliable that it could very well last you as long as you’re transporting kids and all their baggage.

2. It’s affordable. The Odyssey is a top-rated minivan, but you won’t need to pay top dollar to get into one. The base model starts at just over $30,000 new, and buying used can allow you to enjoy all the perks that the Odyssey has to offer without breaking the family budget. In addition, the Odyssey’s decent fuel economy (up to 28 miles per gallon) will save you money each week at the pump.

3. You’ll enjoy driving it. Buying a minivan is almost always a practical choice, but the Odyssey delivers a driving experience that will surprise even the pickiest people. The Odyssey’s 280-horsepower V6 engine delivers good acceleration and the Odyssey has nimble handing for a big car, so you’ll never feel sluggish behind the wheel.

4. It has plenty of space. Like most minivans, the Odyssey has seating for seven to eight people. However, compared to the competition, the Odyssey is especially spacious inside with plenty of room in every row. Even with every seat in use, the Odyssey has more than 38 cubic feet of cargo space. Plus, there are four LATCH systems for easy car seat install in the second or third row, and plenty of room for rear-facing seats.

5. The infotainment is top-notch. If you’re willing to upgrade a bit, the Odyssey has plenty of infotainment options to keep the whole family entertained. The standard display screen and speakers are decent, but the Odyssey also has options for a Blu-ray entertainment system for the back seats, a Wi-Fi hot spot, and a wireless charging port. Even on the base model the infotainment screen is well designed and easy to use.

6. It’s super safe. The Odyssey had outstanding crash test ratings and plenty of features to help protect you on the road. This minivan was a top safety pick of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and received a perfect crash test rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The Odyssey comes standard with a rear-view camera, and has the option for Honda Sense, a driver assist system that has features like pre-collision braking, lane control, and adaptive cruise control.

7. You can customize it. The Odyssey comes in five trim options. For budget-conscious shoppers, the EX trim offers style at a lower price, while more expensive trim models like the EX-L, Touring, and Elite bring features like a moon roof or heated steering wheel.

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