Cadillac had some high points in the past, with V16 engines of the 1930s and huge tail fins of the ’50s, but the best vehicles in their history are the ones you can buy right now. From hauling seven passengers in luxury and comfort, to sports sedans that rival the world’s best, here are the four best Caddys on the used market.


Cadillac’s best-seller during its second generation, the SRX is a luxury crossover that looks like nothing else. The first generation looks like an awkwardly tall wagon, so get the 2010+ second generation for better looks, interior, engine options, and safety. A recent survey shows 94% of current owners recommend the SRX. That’s a solid A. It’s especially praised for its soft Cadillac ride and quietness, but it also handles better than competitors like the Lexus RX. The interior is a stylish two-tone that looks and feels expensive, and it seats five comfortably with all their golf bags, plus there’s 61 cu-ft of cargo space with the rear seats down. All-wheel-drive is available on any trim level. The SRX is safe too, with five stars from the NHTSA. If you want an SRX made after 2016, look to its luxury compact crossover replacement, the XT5.


If crossovers aren’t your thing, the Escalade is still the SUV to get if you’re a CEO or rapper. Originally starting at $71,000, it has street presence and looks expensive, but depreciation is your friend here, and you can find great examples for half that. The 2015 redesign looks sharp and precise, like the Escalade was CNC machined out of a single block of aluminum. Despite the classy suit, it can still do real work with a tow rating of 8,100 lbs. That’ll pull your 28-foot boat with ease. The 6.2L V8 makes a Camaro-like 420 horsepower, but retains refined smoothness and features active fuel management. The interior is gorgeous and will make you forget that this is a real SUV with a capable four-wheel drive system. Not to mention it comfortably seats seven and all their cargo. Despite the size, driving it is easy, as the Magnetic Ride Control suspension adapts quickly to any urban environment. Escalade is also a showcase for Cadillac’s active safety suite, loaded with every system they have. The current Escalade proves why the big Cadillac is still a threat to Range Rover’s and even Bentley’s SUV sales.


Many brands have tried to build a car that can beat the “benchmark” BMW 3 Series. So far, only Cadillac has succeeded. The ATS rides on the appropriately named Alpha chassis, resulting in a sport sedan that is stiffer and lighter than a same-year 3 Series. The smallest Caddy offers near perfect 51/49 front/rear weight balance, the exact same as the super sporty MX-5 Miata. Unlike the Miata, the ATS base engine is a turbo 2.0-liter with 272 horsepower. Not enough? Get the ATS-V for a performance version that lays the smackdown on the BMW M3 and AMG C63-S for less money. No, it’s not just a Cadillac racer, as ATS has your luxury features covered too, with a designer interior, lovely wood trim, heated/cooled everything, and all the modern infotainment and safety tech you want. If you’re shopping luxury-sport like the Audi S5, take another look at the ATS.


No, we didn’t forget about the traditional Caddy. The XTS is not a driver’s car like the ATS above, but it’s a perfect car to be driven in, like what you’d find in the UberLUX fleet. Large and impressive looking, it’s extremely quiet and comfortable inside. Think of it as a classic Cadillac Deville, massively updated for the 21st century with a 12.3 inch infotainment screen, 14 Bose speakers, and active safety features. Unlike classic land yachts, the XTS has front-wheel drive for fuel saving efficiency, and optional AWD for all-weather traction. The engine choices are V6s in two flavors; one with 304 horsepower for most models, and the other with a turbo and 410 horsepower on the V-sport trim. Consumer Reports said the interior is one of GM’s best ever, and delivers generous passenger space. The biggest Caddy sedan has more headroom, about four inches more rear legroom than similarly priced competitors like the Audi A7, and a massive 18 cu-ft trunk. The XTS is a lot of car for the money.

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