Tesla stock is currently trading at 21 times the value of Ford stock. That’s a huge statement considering the F-150 is the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. Why is Tesla valued so highly? Drive one and you’ll get an idea. Tesla isn’t so much a car company as it is an energy company shaping the future through their vehicles. Here’s a look at why you want one.

Insane acceleration

That’s not hyperbole, as there actually is an “insane mode.” Aptly named too, since its way more than just “sport.” Motor Trend tested the Model S P100D trim in “Ludicrous+” mode, and the big 4,900-pound sedan ripped to 60 MPH faster than any car they have ever tested in just under 2.3 seconds. The Model X SUV runs 0-60 in 2.9 seconds, and the affordable Model 3 is the slowest, at 3.3 seconds. Keep in mind, a Camaro SS needs a still-impressive 4.1 seconds to reach 60, according to the same Motor Trend team.

No gas

“Oh no, I need to stop for gas on the way to work. Now I’ll be late.” You’ll never say that again once you can charge at home. Sure, everyone wants to charge on the super-fast Supercharger network, but you can easily “fill up” at home while you sleep. You can purchase a 440V charger for your garage, and charge from totally empty to full in a little over an hour. A 220V outlet, like your oven and dryer use, can fully charge a Model X in under 8 hours. You can even leave your outlets the same two-prong 110V plug that your phone uses, but you’ll need even more time. With electricity costing less than half the price of gas to travel the same amount of miles, you’ll save time and slash your expenses too.

Solid warranty

All the speed and fuel savings aside, with any used car you might wonder what the warranty is like. New Teslas have a pretty standard four-year, 50,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. The batteries and drive unit in an EV are considered emissions equipment, and are federally mandated to have an eight-year, 80,000 mile warranty. Tesla goes a step farther and offers unlimited miles on their battery warranty. If that isn’t enough, Tesla offers an extended service plan available the day the factory warranty expires. Drive for a rideshare service? Go earn all the positive reviews with a Tesla, without worrying about mileage.


From Tesla’s press release: “Independent testing by the NHTSA has awarded the Tesla Model S a five-star safety rating, not just overall, but in every subcategory without exception.” This was after the Model S broke the NHTSA’s roof strength testing machine, withstanding forces beyond those seen in standard crashes and rollovers. The Model X was the first SUV to receive five stars in all categories, earned because testers couldn’t get it to roll over. More affordable models don’t cut corners either, and the Model 3 also earned five stars in every tested category. In a way, you can buy peace of mind.

Zero emissions

Zero tailpipe emissions makes for a cleaner car than even the eco-friendly Toyota Prius. Yes, the source of the energy matters, but a power plant making power for hundreds of thousands of EVs will release less emissions into the environment than the same amount of internal combustion engines on the street. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that an EV charged on the average energy mix of the U.S. power grid is equivalent to a gasoline vehicle getting over 55 MPG. Keep in mind, sourcing from renewable power raises than number considerably. And while building an EV uses more resources than a traditional internal combustion car, due to a lack of tailpipe emissions (and tailpipes), EVs are cleaner than ICE cars in lifetime emissions after only a few years on the road.


Like big infotainment screens? Thank Tesla for that, as the Model S debuted a massive 17-inch screen back in 2012. It’s super high definition, and powered by a NVIDIA quad-core processor better than whatever you’re reading this on. Autopilot, and other autonomous and active safety technology systems, automatically receive over-the-air updates, making recalls nearly obsolete. These updates can also unlock convenient new features, like sentry mode (anti-theft camera) and dog mode (runs A/C for your pup while you’re in the store). There’s no need to buy the brand new model, when Tesla will upgrade your current ride for free.


Tesla is often called an energy storage company that happens to sell cars. The innovation from building dedicated EVs (instead of gas cars converted to EV, like the Chevy Spark and Ford Focus) allows for unique packaging and designs. An example is the Model S, a large sedan roughly the size and weight of a Dodge Charger, but the ability to seat seven in comfort like a bigger Dodge Journey crossover. The Model X SUV has upward opening falcon doors, so you can pretend you’re Marty McFly in a modern DeLorean. Of course they serve a practical purpose too, making for easy ingress/egress in tight parking spaces. The Model 3 actually pulls off a minimalist interior, looking like a cooperative design by Apple and Ikea. All Tesla vehicles sold in North America receive the “Made in USA” stamp, but also prove heavy manufacturing can be done in California. Tesla isn’t just the car company of right now, they’re the car company of the future, available today.

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