A car can help take you on your next adventure, but what happens once you finally reach your destination? At Carvana, we’ve grown accustomed to entering new markets and finding ways to weave ourselves into the fabric of the communities who have adopted the new way to buy a car. It’s one of the exciting elements of what we do.

With that, however, we also know that being the new kid in town isn’t always easy. Which is why our series of guides compiled by Carvana team members in our different markets aims to help both visitors and new residents find their bearings and experience the unique flavors, sights, and sounds that each of our markets has to offer. Our Guide to #CarvanaCountry road show continues, as we put the spotlight this week on the Windy City – Chicago, Illinois!

The Guide to #CarvanaCountry: Chicago EditionPilsen

Pilsen has quickly become a favorite neighborhood to visit in Chicago. Known for its beautiful street art, delicious food, local shops and street festival, we love going to Pilsen to take in the sights, flavors, and vibrant culture.

Wicker Park

Wicker Park is one of Chicago’s more hipster neighborhoods with an undeniably cool vibe about it. Here you can find great local shops, art galleries and plenty of great restaurants. If you are into live music, we recommend checking out Subterranean, an intimate venue with an ambiance that accurately reflects the Wicker Park neighborhood.

The Guide to #CarvanaCountry: Chicago EditionWest Loop

West Loop is a neighborhood near Chicago’s downtown area that recently transformed to become home to some of the best restaurants and bars in the city. This neighborhood has a great atmosphere with plenty of places to explore. We recommend hitting up Au Cheval for a burger and beer at their bar.

River North

River North gets its name from being just north of the Chicago River near downtown. This neighborhood offers a beautiful river walk with plenty of restaurants, boat tours, kayaking and other activities. Stop by Apogee for whimsical drinks that include unique garnishes such as cotton candy toppers, plastic butterflies and beautiful flowers.

Lake View

Lake View is home to the Cubs and iconic Wrigley Field. This North Side neighborhood is a great place to visit to watch a Cubs game then hit the bars afterward. Lake View also offers many great restaurants as well as old school theaters to visit.

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