If you find yourself thinking more and more about the prospect of owning an electric car, you are not alone. The market for electric cars has enjoyed explosive growth in recent years as more drivers see the appeal of owning an electric vehicle.

The technology for electric cars is progressing at such a rapid pace that the vehicles available today offer a level of performance that was not possible just a few years ago.

If you have considered an electric car for your family but have not yet taken the plunge into ownership, it may help to take a look at some of the best electric car options currently available to families.

What are the best electric cars for kids, families?
The Kia Niro EV

The Kia Niro EV is the fully electric version of the Kia Niro that the brand also makes available as a hybrid. The 64-kWh battery used by the Kia Niro EV combines with the car’s 201-horsepower motor to produce a vehicle that possesses rapid acceleration. While the Kia Niro EV may not provide as much range as a select group of other electric vehicles, the estimated 239 miles the car can travel on a single charge is more than adequate for most electric vehicle owners.

Despite being marketed as an SUV, the Kiro EV navigates the road similar to a performance car. The power delivered by the Kiro EV is sufficient to allow the vehicle to accelerate from an idle position to 60 mph in 6.8 seconds.

The legroom and headroom in the back-passenger area make the car perfect for families with multiple children. There is also sufficient room to provide comfort to both the driver and passenger seated in the front of the car.

The variety of tech features included with the Niro are both functional and simple to enjoy. Smartphones can be easily synced with the entertainment system and will auto-connect each time the vehicle is entered. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay come standard with the Kia Niro EV.

What are the best electric cars for kids, families?
Chevy Bolt EV

The Chevy Bolt is as quiet, swift, and eco-friendly as an electric vehicle driver would expect. The vehicle will surprise many prospective electric car owners with the roomy interior that is packed inside of the smallish-looking vehicle. The latest version of the Bolt comes with increased battery capacity despite no change in the size of the battery. 

The Chevy Bolt packs the muscle necessary to make passing other cars on the freeway relatively easy. The car’s D-Mode allows the use of standard friction brakes that are easy for drivers to modulate. The L-Mode enables lift-throttle brakes that will add to the considerable range already possessed by the Bolt. 

Drivers will find comfort behind the wheel of the Chevy Bolt. Two reasons for this comfort are the car’s height-adjustable seating and telescopic steering wheel. The roofline of the Chevy Bolt provides ample headspace throughout the car, and there is sufficient legroom for both front and back seat passengers.

What are the best electric cars for kids, families?
Nissan Leaf

The 2011 release of the Nissan Leaf made it the first electric car to be mass-produced in America. The second generation of the Leaf was introduced to the market in 2018. The 2020 version of the Nissan Leaf comes enhanced with an abundance of driver-assistance features, additional air bags throughout the car, and more range than other electric vehicles in the Leaf’s price range. 

The electric motor of the standard Nissan Leaf provides 147 horsepower to go along with 150 miles of range. An upgrade to 214 horsepower and 226 miles of range is available to buyers who opt for the Nissan Leaf Plus. 

The Nissan Leaf will not be confused with a race car but clocked in at a more than adequate 7.8 seconds when its acceleration speed from 0 to 60 mph was measured. The car’s effective brake system includes an e-Pedal mode that makes it possible to stop the vehicle by simply taking pressure off the accelerator. 

The cabin of the Nissan Leaf is appropriate for its size, and there is more than enough headroom and legroom in both the front and rear of the car. The touch-screen system in the Leaf supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

What are the best electric cars for kids, families?
Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is in its fourth year of existence and continues to deliver a fun, efficient, and luxurious driving experience to its owners. The Model 3 can be customized to fit the desires of each owner. The customization options provide owners with the power to lower prices, increase performance, or enjoy a longer driving range. Tesla Model 3 owners also have access to the Supercharger networks provided by the company and will benefit from some of the best driver-assistance features provided anywhere. 

Model 3 drivers enjoy a sporty driving experience that is facilitated by the car’s high performance, responsive steering, and nimble handling. The car is also able to reach a speed of 60 mph in 5.3 seconds.

The interior of the Model 3 provides a modern look to go along with cutting-edge technology. Many new owners are surprised to see firsthand how much room the cabin provides. The car’s all-glass roof is also a huge attraction for many drivers who prefer the Tesla 3. 

The console’s 15-inch screen is the nerve center of the car’s interior. The Model 3 is also one of the few vehicles that can provide real-time Google Map readings. The AutoPilot feature of the car is one of the most advanced systems available, and the car will even slow down a bit on its own when approaching a curve.

What are the best electric cars for kids, families?

The X5 from BMW is a midsize luxury SUV that can be upgraded to include a third row of seats. This is a huge benefit to families with more than two children. The vehicle also comes with a variety of features to increase comfort. These comforts include seats that provide a gentle massaging action and a suspension system that can be lowered to allow easier access to the vehicle. 

The three engine choices that come with the BMW X5 include a base six-cylinder that is turbocharged and two varieties of turbocharged V-8 engines. The most powerful option is the 4.4-liter V-8 that provides as much as 523 horsepower.

The six-cylinder X5 provides sufficient power and maneuverability to make your daily commute fun and easy. Drivers will also find the quick acceleration possible with each of the engine types satisfactory. 

Both driver and passengers will find ample room in the front seat of the BMW X5. Back seat passengers will appreciate the abundance of room available for their heads, knees, and shoulders. 

The X5 console comes with the latest version of BMW’s iDrive system. This advanced system includes handwriting recognition as well as both gesture and voice control.

The Takeaway

Each family has a different reason for choosing an electric car, truck, or SUV for its next vehicle. Some families view an EV purchase as their contribution to the fight for environmental preservation. Other families may be more interested in the fact these vehicles provide substantial savings on the cost of fuel. Whatever the reason a family has for wanting to purchase an electric vehicle, checking out the five EVs profiled above is a great place to start.