The safest modern sports cars are a combination of supreme driving dynamics and driver-assistance features that consist of cutting-edge technology. While a sports car’s focus is on moving forward smoothly and at high speeds, many offer high-tech options such as automatic emergency braking. A rearview camera is also now standard.

With safe sports cars, a bit of a trade-off is involved. Generally, the sportier the car, the fewer safety-related features it comes with. Still, there are a variety of performers that are fast yet safe, ranging from all-American muscle cars to European sport sedans.

Toyota Supra

Among the most awaited vehicles of 2019, the Supra has not disappointed. This is particularly true when it comes to safety. While this car lacks a crash test by an organization, it contains the same bones as the BMW Z4, the testing of which returned a five-star rating from EuroNCAP. The abundance of passive safety features amazes with its assortment, which includes brake assist, lane departure alerting system, and traction control. A long-awaited sports car, the Supra delivers with safety features.


As previously mentioned, the Z4 was tested by EuroNCAP with exceedingly positive results. Those results included 91% for vulnerable users of the road, 87% for children occupying the vehicle, 97% for adults occupying it, and 76% for assists with safety. Its passive and active safety technologies are extremely similar to the Supra by Toyota. The BMW Z4 is safe and strong as well as being among the sleekest roadsters the market has for good-looking sports cars.

Performance and Protection: Safest modern sports cars
Alfa Romeo Giulia

This stylish Italian sedan is a Top Safety Pick from IIHS. It also has the distinction of being Motor Trend Car of the Year, and this sedan owns the four-door production car Nurburgring lap record. The key safety technologies available with the Giulia feature forward-collision warning, adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, rear cross-traffic alert, lane-keeping assistance, and blind-spot monitoring. The Giulia weds amazing safety technology with enormous power.

Audi A3

This 2018 model stands out from the crowd of sport sedans with the honor of being a Top Safety Pick. As with the Giulia, it offers a wide range of cutting-edge driver-assistance features as well as competitive performance credentials. The NHTSA has given the A3 a five-star safety rating overall. The Audi A3 delivers performance and safety in an attractive package.

Polestar 1

Polestar is Volvo’s newest electric car brand. The company has long been known for its priority in safety. Volvo even promised that from 2020 on, no traffic deaths would occur in a new Volvo car; thus far, Polestar has been faithful to the promise. It boasts state-of-the-art safety technology and a solid chassis. The crash tests for the Polestar revealed incredible results.

Acura NSX

From its introduction in 1990, the NSX has been a success that has passed through the years with as few changes as possible. While it lacks collision-avoidance systems such as automatic emergency braking, the NSX has a robust structure capable of supporting collisions at high speeds. No organization has crash-tested the NSX. Still, this sports car is built to endure collisions.

Performance and Protection: Safest modern sports carsAudi R8

Because of a high price and low volume in sales, no organization has tested the R8 as yet. However, its standard safety features are those that can be found within the Audi lineup. As a fast sports car, its structure is designed to support high-speed impacts.

Mercedes Benz C-Class Coupe

Tested by EuroNCAP, the cabriolet version of the C-Class boasted solid results. Its overall rating was five stars. It rated 89% for adult occupant safety, 79% for children, 66% for people on foot, and 53% for safety assists.

Extra options include auto emergency braking. While these come at the cost of several thousand dollars, they can be priceless in keeping you and those around you safe. The C-Class may cost extra to get the fullest safety features, but overall, this sports car is safe and powerful.

Mercedes Benz E-Class Coupe

Similar to the C-Class, the E-Class is considered safer because its size is larger as is its price tag. Available in both cabriolet and coupe versions, this sharp-looking sports car provides all of those safety systems present in new Mercedes vehicles, both passive and active.

BMW 3 Series

This car is iconic, a sport sedan earning a double play in passenger protection with both an NHTSA five-star score for overall safety and an IIHS Top Safety Pick choice. The 3 series goes on to support crash-test performance with such technologies as forward-collision warnings, blind-spot monitoring systems, and automatic emergency braking. These sports cars excel in safety and power.

Chevrolet Camaro

This muscle car is as safe as they come. The Camaro‘s safety score is five stars from the NHTSA. It boasts side blind-zone alerts, a head-up display, rear parking sensors, and rear cross-traffic alerts. It should come as no surprise that the Camaro delivers peak performance with its excellent safety features.

Performance and Protection: Safest modern sports carsDodge Challenger

Another blend of muscle and safety is the Dodge Challenger. It is an even match with the Camaro when it comes to its five-star NHTSA overall safety rating. The Challenger contains its fair share of modern safety technologies. These include rear cross-path detection, adaptive cruise control, forward-collision warnings, and blind-spot monitors. Dodge’s Challenger boasts muscle car power and appearance with cutting-edge safety features.

Mercedes-Benz GLC

Customers can choose from sport exhaust system, sport brakes, and air suspension when ordering a GLC. This coupe version of the GLC crossover is a fast four-door. Certain trims earn the IIHS’ designation of Top Safety Pick+. The GLC proves that four-doors can be fast and safe sports cars as well as the two-door competition.

Lexus IS

This 2018 model boasts both an IIHS status of Top Safety Pick and an overall NHTSA score of five stars. As is expected with a Lexus model, the IS has a combination of robust crash-test grades and an exceedingly high level of safety technology that comes standard. Lane-keeping assistance, lane-departure alert, automatic high beams, and a pre-collision system promise to help keep you safe in the IS. Optional rear cross-traffic alerts and blind-spot monitors can further your sense of safety, giving the IS a complete package in power and protection.

Subaru WRX

While many safe sports cars are Top Safety Picks from the IIHS, the Subaru WRX takes the game to a new level with its complete Top Safety Pick+ status. In fact, the WRX is capable of achieving the highest grades possible for each of the eight categories IIHS used in testing. It even aces the newest passenger-side small-overlap crash challenges. Offering all the usual options, the WRX impresses with the safety technology it offers, including some resources that are missing in vehicles that come with a higher price tag.

Sports cars are generally known for their high speeds and sleek designs, not so much for their safety features. Safe sports cars do exist, however. The preceding vehicles are among the safest modern sports cars the world has to offer. Sports cars are a thrill to drive. This thrill need not preclude safety features; in fact, the speed of sports cars makes various safety features even more vital.

While defining what makes a vehicle a sports car is a debate that seems to go on without end, this list generally incorporates two- and four-door cars with a driving experience focused on performance. Choose among these sports cars and enjoy power united with the top safety features the market has to offer.