If you want to experience the great outdoors comfortably, you’ll need an SUV. You can’t accomplish this in a sedan because these automobiles don’t have the luxuries and accessories of sports utility vehicles.

While you can’t build a campsite inside of an SUV, you can get to nearly any campsite you desire with all the things you need for your adventures. An SUV’s utilities and features matter, so you must consider them wisely. The most valuable utilities for a camper are roof rails. If your SUV has them, you’ll have options for your cargo. With roof rails, you can store bulky equipment above the cabin and your other essentials in the cargo area inside the vehicle.

The best cars with roof rails, storage features for camping
The Subaru Outback Benefits Sporty Campers

If you have a surfboard or a raft, you can easily store it on a Subaru Outback‘s roof rack, keeping it secured and out of the way. There are several tie-down points near each rail on the Outback’s roof. If you connect anchors to these tie-down points, your cargo will stay totally stable and secured. The Outback also has retractable crossbars that can support equipment that weighs up to 176 pounds while the vehicle is in motion.

The Outback’s Pros

The Outback has many nooks and crannies to store whatever you need to make your camping trip fun. You can store flying discs, rubber balls, fishing lures, and more inside of an Outback if you use it as your mobile campsite.

With an Outback, you can set up a mobile campsite near a trail. The Outback has superb off-road capabilities, so if you have off-road equipment, this SUV can help you haul it to your destination.

Why the Outback Is Great for Camping

The Outback has a convenient storage compartment near its shifter. It can hold your cell phone, maps, binoculars, keys, and other items that you may need between camp activities.

The 2019 Outback‘s cargo bay spans 35.5 cubic feet, and there are storage hooks in every corner. When these hooks are down, you can hang bags on them to conserve valuable space on the deck. If you need more space, you can expand the cargo zone to 73.3 cubic feet by folding the rear seat down.

In terms of towing, the Outback has a reasonable towing capacity. It can’t tow very hefty cargo because it has an average four-cylinder engine. However, it can move lightweight equipment that weighs less than 2,700 pounds.

The best cars with roof rails, storage features for camping
The Toyota 4Runner Benefits Hikers

With a Toyota 4Runner, you can travel to the best hiking trails. If you like to explore expansive trails during a hike, a 4Runner can take you there. Because it has a boxy shape, you can make it your headquarters between hiking adventures. There is enough space to store hiking gear and traditional cargo in this cabin.

If you ever need to move cargo up a hill, a 4Runner will accomplish this task with your equipment intact. When cargo is anchored to the roof rails, nothing will spill because the 4Runner’s TRD-tuned suspension springs and Fox shocks provide reliable stability.

The Toyota 4Runner’s Pros

This vehicle has excellent off-road capabilities. If you’re a dedicated hiker, it will give you convenience whenever you hunt for new destinations that are off the beaten path.

A 4Runner is more than an off-road vehicle. When your camping adventure is over, it can help you run daily errands.

Why the Toyota 4Runner Is Built for Camping Adventures

The Toyota 4Runner has several storage compartments for small camping items. The pockets on the doors are very useful as they can hold maps, guides, and other flat items. There is a fairly large cluster near the front door on the center console. It can hold your keys, wallets, and phones.

You can take a very peaceful nap comfortably in the cabin following a long hike. When the rear seats are collapsed, there is enough space on the floor for two plush sleeping bags.

The best cars with roof rails, storage features for camping
The Cadillac Escalade Can Help You Camp in Style

The Cadillac Escalade is a large, luxurious vehicle. You can drive a large group to a campsite in an Escalade as it has seating for seven passengers.

If you want to go canoeing or kayaking during your time in the great outdoors, you should opt for the Cadillac Escalade ESV. This particular trim is longer than the base vehicle, so you can easily mount a canoe or a kayak on its extended roof. There are rails on the roof for cargo; they can hold equipment that weighs up to 220 pounds.

The Cadillac Escalade’s Pros

When the weather changes, you’ll stay comfortable and protected in an Escalade. If you’re cold and damp after a fishing trip, you can activate the heated seats to stay warm.

In terms of safety, the Escalade has very useful rain-sensing wipers. The system will activate the wipers automatically immediately after a raindrop falls on the windshield.

Why the Escalade Is a Great Vehicle for a Family Campsite

With an Escalade, you can store a cooler in the cabin for hungry kids. You won’t have to open in the trunk in order to grab snacks and drinks from a cooler since a small unit will fit comfortably near the seats in the cabin. You can also store a standard cooler near the center console.

An Escalade has an innovative tow mode. It will allow you to tow hefty cargo more efficiently around a campsite. The tow mode changes how the transmission shifts gears, and it improves acceleration and braking during demanding towing jobs.

The best cars with roof rails, storage features for camping
The Nissan Armada Has Features for a Crowd

Camping is more fun when many people share the experience together. With a Nissan Armada, you can set up a campsite for a large group because it has space for eight passengers. Also, when an Armada hauls or tows cargo with a full cabin, its self-leveling suspension system will provide stability and balance.

If you need a brawny vehicle for demanding camping adventures, an Armada is a practical choice. It can tow your heaviest cargo using its 390-horsepower V8 engine.

The Nissan Armada’s Pros

An Armada with a four-wheel system can conquer many obstacles in and around a campsite. The Nissan Armada is a step above most SUVs because its four-wheel-drive system is very proficient.

Nissan has a great selection of Armadas. If you browse the used lineup, you’ll find appealing grades and reasonable prices.

The Nissan Armada’s Utilities for Camping

The Armada has everything that a family would need for a camping adventure. Cupholders are scattered throughout the cabin, and there is a convenient in-cabin storage compartment near the dash. If you have a child safety seat, it will fit in the second row.

A camping adventure is better when you pack the essentials. If you drive an Outback, 4Runner, Escalade, or Armada to a campsite, you can bring the essentials and more.