Carvana is powered by thousands of passionate, dedicated employees, some of whom have experienced a particularly trying year – on top of an already tough year for the world. A company where one of the core values is, “We’re All in This Together,” Carvana believes in treating people better and rallied team members across the business to nominate deserving co-workers for a free vehicle to close out a challenging 2020. Among hundreds of nominations, 21 recipients were announced at Carvanafest. This annual event is historically hosted to show appreciation for Carvana customers, however, the event was turned virtual in 2020, and was expanded to include all Carvana employees, as well.

Spanning multiple departments and locations, what all 21 recipients had in common was recognition for their hard work and inspirational points of view in the face of challenges both big and small. These Carvana team members now have safe, reliable transportation as we work together to take on 2021, enabling them to keep moving forward and get where they need to go. Check out the video above to see each of the 21 memorable moments!