The Nissan Versa is a subcompact automobile that’s available as a four-door sedan or hatchback. With its excellent fuel economy and high-performance suspension system, the Versa is a great car for commuters and frequent drivers. Both the hatchback and sedan models of the Versa are affordable to maintain. Owners will appreciate the comfortable interior, sporty exterior and top-notch entertainment system no matter which model they choose.

A Smooth, Comfortable Ride

One of the Versa’s biggest strengths is its comfortable ride, which is smooth and quiet over any terrain. Its carefully engineered suspension system isolates road imperfections and ensures that every drive is a pleasure. Smooth suspension doesn’t come at the cost of handling, however, and the Versa offers precise steering and braking capabilities, as well. It rolls easily over pitted roads and gets around sharp corners with minimal strain on passengers.

Spacious Interior

The subcompact Versa offers a spacious interior without sacrificing its tiny exterior footprint. With seating for up to five people and a big trunk that opens into the back seat for extra cargo room, the Versa is surprisingly spacious inside. The rear seat features a separator that enables one passenger to ride in the back with the cargo area expanded. Even with passengers in every seat, the Versa offers abundant cargo space. Accessing items in the trunk is easy with the Versa’s wide, low cargo opening.

Excellent Fuel Economy

The manual-shift Versa gets 27 mpg in the city and 35 mpg on the highway while the automatic version gets 32 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway. It’s one of the most fuel-efficient subcompact cars in its class, and its fuel economy is easy to maintain with regular care. With a 10.6-gallon fuel tank, the Versa can travel more than 400 miles before it will need gas. Although it’s relatively inexpensive to keep fueled, the Versa’s 122 horsepower engine offers substantial power for its size.

An in-depth look at the Nissan VersaAn Elegant Design

The Versa’s look has evolved over the years since its initial release in 2006. Nissan has produced dozens of models of the Versa, and each one features sleek curves, four doors, large windows and a sporty appearance. Several models come with a sport trim, which includes a rear spoiler and paint accents on the body and wheels. Top-tier trim packages include 16-inch wheels and enhanced side sills for improved high-speed performance.

A Pleasing Interior Style

Inside, the Versa offers an attractive upholstered interior with soft padding on the doors and leather trim available for the steering wheel. The driver’s seat is adjustable horizontally and vertically, offering a range of lift options for drivers of all sizes. Even with the driver’s seat raised as high as possible, most drivers will have plenty of headroom in the Versa’s large cabin. In the center console, a touchscreen displays map data and information from a connected cell phone or the car’s audio system.

A Surprisingly Powerful Engine

Although the Versa isn’t a sports car or SUV, its 1.6-liter engine provides plenty of power and torque. It’s capable of delivering 122 horsepower and 114 pound-feet of torque over sustained distances, making it a great choice for families and carpool drivers. Nissan has designed the Versa to accommodate almost any load that can fit comfortably inside it. With passengers in every seat and items in the trunk, the Versa will still have excellent fuel economy and a smooth ride.

An in-depth look at the Nissan VersaTons of Safety Features

The Versa is one of the safest subcompact cars on the road. With automatic braking, pedestrian detection and traffic sensors to make backing up easy, the Versa is ready for any situation. While driving in reverse, the Versa displays a rear camera feed on its touchscreen, so obstructions will never come as a surprise. With a wide range of innovative safety features, such as intelligent cruise control and driver alertness monitoring, the Versa keeps its passengers and driver protected.

Automatic braking kicks in when the front or rear sensors detect a nearby pedestrian or vehicle. Drivers can disable this feature, but it makes backing out of a parking spot or merging into traffic safer and easier. Additional safety features include anti-fog mirrors, assisted headlights and a warning system for lane changes.

The Versa offers a number of different airbags distributed throughout the vehicle. Airbags come standard for front-impact, side-impact, overhead and knee locations. Pretensioners hold the seat belts tight in the case of a quick stop. A built-in security system prevents the car from being driven by a key that is not made by the manufacturer.

A Convenient Way to Travel

The interior and exterior of the Versa include many conveniences to make driving more enjoyable. From its power windows to its push-button ignition system, the Versa offers a wide range of features designed to eliminate many mundane tasks.

Certain models feature native integration with Apple and Android devices. The four- or six-speaker stereo system provides enough volume to fill the spacious cabin with sound. The hands-free infotainment system meets the requirements of states that ban cell phones while driving. Take your calls or ask verbally for directions to your destination without ever taking your hands off the wheel. You can also sync your phone’s playlist or music app to your Versa.

An in-depth look at the Nissan VersaCompact Visual Appeal

The Versa has a sporty exterior with a compact, muscular design. Nissan has put much care into the Versa’s body design, creating a sleek, efficient vehicle that occupies little space. The engine fits under a relatively small hood, so the Versa retains its subcompact size without sacrificing interior room. Base models tend to ride low to the ground while top trim packages offer aerodynamic flourishes for enhanced handling and performance.

You can also enjoy this car in a number of traditional, neutral shades like Aspen White, Gun Metallic and Brilliant Silver. If you have more of a wild nature, more recent bold shades like Electric Blue, Scarlet Ember or Monarch Orange may be more appealing.

Plenty of Entertainment Features

With its powerful stereo, MP3 player and Bluetooth connectivity, the Versa offers a capable entertainment system. Base models include a four-speaker stereo system with controls accessible on the steering wheel. The Versa’s feature-rich entertainment system integrates seamlessly with smartphones and other network-enabled devices. The 7-inch touchscreen supports Nissan’s proprietary driver assistance technology to help drivers navigate difficult situations.

A Reliable Subcompact Vehicle

The overall experience of owning a Nissan Versa is rewarding, especially for fuel- or cost-conscious drivers. The Versa is easy to maintain, and it’s filled with useful technology for driving, navigating and staying comfortable. With several trim packages available for every model, the Versa offers visual appeal and strong performance. While all models of the Versa provide plenty of cargo room for daily tasks, the hatchback offers substantially more trunk room than the sedan. With a mid- or top-tier trim package, the Versa gains a noticeable boost in style and performance.

The Nissan Versa is a great choice for families, delivery drivers and ride-share drivers looking to reduce fuel costs.