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Are you changing your oil too often?

Reading Time: 3 minutes According to AAA, changing your oil every 3,000 miles was indeed the standard recommendation at one time. However, lubricants and engine technology have come a long way in the last couple decades.

Big expensive batteries, and the second owner

Reading Time: 4 minutes Despite hybrids hitting the roads 20 years ago, and decent EVs debuting around 10 years back, potential buyers usually cite battery replacement concerns as the main reason to avoid a hybrid or EV.

Which gas-powered vehicles burn fuel the cleanest?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hey there, Captain Planet. So you say you want a Low Emissions Vehicle (LEV)? But did you know that LEVs are actually the highest polluting cars and light trucks available on the market right now?

Buying Guide: Top 5 Safest Sedans

Reading Time: 5 minutes Never skimp on safety. If you’re in the market for a certified pre-owned sedan, we’ve compiled our top picks for safety.

Say hello to Carvana - a whole new way to buy a Car

At Carvana, our goal is to put you in total control of the purchase process. What does this mean? We’re open 24 hours a day so you can buy whenever you want. You are able to use your computer or your phone so you can buy however you want. You also can buy wherever you want, like the comfort of your couch and not a dealership.

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