Visually impressive and powerful Audi TT

The exterior styling gives the Audi TT a futuristic, high-tech appearance along with an interior that continues this theme with details that give it a race car cockpit feel.

Hyundai Genesis: A trail-blazing exec sedan (and coupe)

Hyundai introduced the Hyundai Genesis in 2008 and spun it off to be its own entity in 2017. During that time, many buyers fell in love with this executive sedan, as this car was the first entry by the company into the luxury sedan market in the United States.

Meet the impeccably crafted Audi A4 Allroad

The Audi A4 Allroad received a major upgrade in 2017 to give it sleeker lights and grille. Models from 2017 borrow heavily from the A4 sedan, and they have a lighter chassis, making them more fuel efficient.

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