registration fee

Six ways to avoid paying dealer fees

There is one thing you have to come to grips with—license, title, and registration fees are the same for all consumers, based on the ZIP code where they live. These are state fees, not dealer fees, and are merely collected by the dealership and sent to the state.

A complete breakdown of dealer fees and how to beat them

Car dealerships need to collect fees to pay for business expenses like salaries, building maintenance, health care, and other costs associated with overhead. For this reason, it often costs more for individuals to purchase a car from a dealership than it does to finalize a person-to-person sale.

How to navigate a vehicle financing contract

In a perfect world, the paperwork will be in line with your expectations. But mistakes and misunderstandings sometimes happen. And once you’ve signed your vehicle financing contract, you’re legally bound to adhere to its terms.

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