resale value

Get more for less by paying attention to model cycles

Not every vehicle follows the same pattern, but most new vehicles get a full redesign every four to six years. Sometimes, the cycle goes longer than six years. In between complete overhauls, many vehicles get face-lifts to keep up with new tech and keep the design looking fresh.

Washing and waxing is not just about cleanliness

Washing your vehicle is not just about keeping it clean. You want to maintain the vehicle’s condition. Driving your car puts it at risk to come in contact with contaminants. These contaminants may include bugs, mud, dust, dirt, and salt.

Top five trucks with the best resale value

Trucks are all-around capable vehicles, able to do all kinds of work, survive off-road, and still meet your daily driver needs. That’s probably why trucks retain their resale value more than any other class of vehicle.

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